The Prayer With The Reciprocal Blessing

"May God increase thy peace, and establish thy prosperity forever." - Adam Clarke Commentary 
"If we honor God, we desire the prosperity of the church, which He has chosen for His indwelling." 
"Church of the living God, we hail your assemblies. On bended knees, we pray that you will have peace and great happiness. May Jehovah so send it. Amen." - both quotes from Spurgeon, The Treasury Of David, pg. 1291
Josephus, the historian, tells us that Jerusalem had three ranges or rows of walls encompassing it. Here was placed a "trinity" of security - that no enemy would ever be able to disturb her peace.
In Psalm 122, we find that David had one thing on his mind when praying for this "city of peace." That one thing was Peace! Three times he mentioned it -
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem..." (Psalm 122:6)
"Peace be within thy walls..." (Psalm 122:7)
"For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee." (Psalm 122:8)
Jerusalem was the central location for worship and the place where God chose to place His name and presence. The people were beckoned by the Psalmist to always remember her before the Throne of Grace - that she would always remain "a city of peace" and that no foe would be able to rise up against her and defeat her.
These Scriptures are in the Bible for us today. Just like David, we are given the mandate to pray daily for "the peace of Jerusalem" - to pray for Israel in general. God loves His covenant people. His hand has been upon them since the beginning of civilization. And He has a plan to use them mightily in the Last Days. Anyone who is walking with the Lord Jesus - the Messiah - will have a love for this land and its people - the Jews. They will feel the urgency - like our Brother - King David - to pray for "peace" to encompass this God-appointed land.
Are you praying for "the peace of Jerusalem," O Christian? Do you feel God's heart for His chosen people - whom the world seems to despise at this time? Is your heart directed toward this Holy Land - set apart by God for His glory in these Last Days?
Pray, pray, pray, O Christian!
And for what should you pray - you may ask? Pray for peace! And not only that - but speak peace and blessings on the Jewish people at this time. Speak this blessing upon them all - "Peace be within thee."
For your obedience to this command, God has commanded that a blessing return to you.
Psalm 122:6 says - "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."
Psalm 122:7 adds - "Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces."
Every time that you pray for Israel - that her unity would not be disturbed by schisms, heresies, jealousies, and strifes...that her prosperity would be on the increase...and that she would be preserved from the invasion of enemies or intruders - you will come under God's blessing. It is a sure thing! It is promised in the Bible! In seeking after the peace and prosperity of this blessed nation, you will find peace and prosperity - "...they shall prosper that love thee."
However, in looking over the Scriptures, we find that oftentimes "Jerusalem" or Zion is a type of the Church. Hence, God the Holy Spirit would have us take this prayer a step further in praying also for "peace" to be her portion as well.
Since God has chosen to place His awesome presence in our assemblies as He did the city of Jerusalem, we are obligated to pray and pronounce the blessing on them - "Peace be within thee." May the Body of Christ know internal peace and be spared of strife, suspicion, and division.
O Saint of God, are you praying for the "peace" of your assembly? Are you petitioning God that her "walls" would be kept up and that no enemy would be able to bring her down? Are you daily blessing her by saying - "For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee" (Psalm 122:8)?
Lastly, the Holy Spirit would have us narrow down this prayer to an individual level - and that is, to our homes. Here, also, God has chosen to place His presence - as He did for Jerusalem and His Church.
Daily, we are charged to pray for "peace" in our homes and to speak the blessing - "Peace be within thee." May the God-ordained walls of protection not be torn down by sin or compromise. May there be no strife and division among its members. And may there be no "open door" for "intruders" to come in to steal, kill, and destroy.
"Peace be within thy walls..."
"Peace be within thee."   
O Believer in Jesus, pray for Israel, pray for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray for your family.
And what is the #1 need for all three?
It is "Peace" - rest from internal dissension and external assault.
  Why these three?
In Psalm 122:9, David gave the explanation - "Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good."
God has chosen to manifest His Presence in a most remarkable way in three places - Israel, the Church of the Living God, and in our homes. It is there that we must prepare the ground for Him to do His work by praying for "Peace" and by speaking His blessing - "Peace be within thee." In return, we will reap the blessing of lasting peace and abounding prosperity.
In closing, we quote once again from Spurgeon, The Treasury Of David, pg. 1291 - "Peace is prosperity. There is no prosperity that is not based on peace; there cannot be peace if prosperity is gone."
Do you will - to the utmost of your power - to seek the good of Israel, the Church, and your family?
If you do, then Adam Clarke's prayer will be your portion - "May God increase thy peace, and establish thy prosperity forever."
Shalom to all!
I give you God's peace!
May God Bless His Word,

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.  (Isaiah 54:17)
┬ę COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano - All Rights Reserved
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