Sow Your Seed To Meet Your --- Greed!

Here is another message by my husband Carl. It addresses the issue of giving. As we all know, there has been such a perversion of this topic in the Body of Christ. This message brings things into a beautiful Scriptural balance.
May you read this and be enlightened on what God says about  the  "seed."   

Sow Your Seed To Meet Your -- Greed !

by Carl Giordano
"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" ---1st Timothy 6:10
( please, at your convenience, read all of chapter 6 of 1st Timothy to see this verse in it's entire context )
Do you remember the "good ol' days", when amongst Christians who knew their Bibles, the "Seed" used to be--The Word of God ?
Well, lo and behold, while nobody was looking, all of a sudden somebody changed the "Seed" into---MONEY !
It seems in our modern day church, especially the "Charismatic"  version ( of which I am one, so to speak ), it does not matter so much what The Word of Almighty God says, as much as what the slick talking Evangelist / Bible Teacher says. In other words, the Holy Bible teaches that the Seed to be sown is---The Word of God.  But, if you have watched "Christian TV"  any time, in the last few years, you may have noticed that the slick talkers --who call themselves "Minister" "Reverend" "Doctor" "Bishop" "Evangelist" "Pastor" "Teacher"-- have now  changed the Seed  from the Word of God into ---Money !  And, boy oh boy, they want you to sow a whole lot of this new seed into their "ministry"  ( pockets ).  
It's kind of a neat little Magic Trick ! You know, where the magician  turns his empty hand upside down, and then back again, and now there is a coin in it ! Abra-Cadabra ! Bingo !  "Now there is nothing in my hand, as you so plainly see....but, a little 'slight of hand' ( slick talking ) and now my hand is full of -- Money-- Your Money ! " And "God's People" keep on being ignorant enough to say---" That's neat ! Let's see that trick again, and again, and again "....
In the book of Exodus Pharaoh had a lot magicians in his court... and we have a whole lot of them in our churches, and on "Christian TV" . They say, so to speak,---"You thought these Bible verse meant this -- but I have had a 'new revelation' and Wallah !--now they mean something altogether different--and if you're smart, you will get in on the action ! "
Now, hopefully, I'm going to make this present message of mine short. Basically, what I want to get across to you, the reader, is this---Beware !  Wolves still do dress up in sheep's clothing ! You may have heard the old saying--"If it waddles like a duck, quacks
like a duck, swims like a duck and flies like a duck--that's because --It's a DUCK ! " I'd like to warn you, today, that if it looks like a False Teacher, acts like a False Teacher, lives like a False Teacher, talks like a False Teacher, and TWISTS SCRIPTURE  like a False Teacher --that's because--It's a FALSE TEACHER !
Study. I said Study. Study the Bible for yourself. Stop being lazy wanting somebody else ( the Reverend, Doctor, Bishop, Pastor,
Teacher etc. ) to do it for you.  The SCRIPTURE TWISTERS are counting on you being ignorant of the Bible; because, if you are not ignorant of the Bible, they will not be able to CON you.
Now, the worst part of all this is not so much that the seed is now money, whereas it used to be The Word of God--this is sure enough blasphemous enough--but, along with the "Sow your Seed" ( Money ) teaching is the grandiose, as well as blasphemous promises made to you--"That if you will just sow that One Thousand Dollar seed, my friend, then God will surely bring salvation your way and all your kids, grand kids, and your grandma will surely be swept into the kingdom ! Yes Sir ! My Brother and My Sister, go to that phone right now ! Call in ! Don't Doubt ! Get that seed sown into 'good ground' ( MY POCKET ) and God will save everybody you know... and don't know; and then, guess what, ---God will make you RICH ! ".....  ( and then you can send in some BIGGER seeds ) 
Let's go to the BIBLE. What a novel idea. The BIBLE ?!  Well, ok...guess it can't hurt.
Now, when we open our Bibles, rather than turn on Christian TV, we see that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST says that the SOWER SOWS the SEED and that the SEED is---THE WORD OF GOD ! So, put your check book away. Get out a PACK OF GOSPEL
TRACTS, instead, and start SOWING ! Go over to your neighbor's house, hand them a TRACT, then open your BIBLE, and get to SOWING !  Go to a street corner, open your Bible and let er' rip ! Throw those SEEDS all up and down the streets, on your job, at your neighbors ! Throw some SEEDS at your friends ! Chuck a bunch of them at your enemies ! SEEDS ! SEEDS! SEEDS! Go and show "Johnny Apple Seed " that he ain't got nothin' on you! He threw his seed, everywhere, and grew trees. You go and throw your SEED, everywhere, and GROW DISCIPLES for JESUS ! 
Amen !!! If I have to shout it myself ! Glory !!!!!!!!
Now, let's calm down, Brother Carl, and actually quote some SCRIPTURE here. Ok ? Ok.
Jesus said---  " A sower went out to sow his seed "....Luke 8:5 ( later, during your study time, read the rest down to verse 11 )
In verse 11 of Luke 8 we see that Jesus says--- " Now the parable is this: The seed is the Word of God ."
"But, brother Carl ?! Evangelists Slick Sam, Brother Twister the Teacher, and Dr. Dumbbell, all said that the SEED is-- my LOVE OFFERING --sent in to them...and that if I would just 'have enough faith to obey ( them ), then God would get my son and daughter off of drugs, and all, and everything else I ever wanted will be mine. "
..... " I sent my thousand dollar seed in...my kids are still on drugs...I'm still broke....but, maybe, it will take a LARGER SEED  ...ok...ok...ok...Where's my Check Book !? "
Do you want your loved ones saved ? ASK JESUS to SAVE THEM. He doesn't NEED your SEED---It's only HIS SEED that will get the job done-- and His SEED is---FREE OF CHARGE !  So, don't send any "seeds" to Jesus...( or those who pretend to work for Him)...rather, ASK JESUS to send HIS SEED ( the Word of God ) to your loved ones.
Again, what a novel idea. Jesus IS the seed and HAS the seed ?!
Yes, a thousand times--Yes !
Do you or your loved ones need a healing in body. I've got GOOD NEWS ! You can keep your money in the bank and your pocket. Don't send any SEEDS to anybody. Don't send for your lucky handkerchief, or rabbit's foot ( it's almost become this bad ) but
rather  just KEEP ON sending UP your PRAYERS to---THE LORD JESUS CHRIST !!!  HE IS WHAT HE IS !!! He said- "I AM". Brother ! Sister !---He ( JESUS ) is---the SAVIOR, the HEALER, the BAPTIZER with THE HOLY GHOST and FIRE, and THE SOON COMING KING of all kings, and LORD of all lords !
Now, in closing, let's be fair and balanced. ( "But, brother Carl all these CAPITAL LETTERS and EXCLAMATION POINTS--- !!!!!! ---Brother Carl, you don't write, nor act like one who is very--'BALANCED' ?! "  ) 
Yeah, Yeah, I know. I get a little carried away...I even bounce up and down, sometimes, as I sit on my chair, while I type here at the computer.  But, still, we will now briefly mention something, in the name of balance.... so that, hopefully, we ( me ) will not become a Scripture Twister ourselves---
In God's Word ( Bible ), we DO find reference to money--a LOVE OFFERING--being SEED SOWN. But these are the very Scriptures that the SCRIPTURE TWISTERS--TWIST--in order to line their OWN POCKETS. 
Because I'm tired of typing, I'll let you STUDY it out for yourself. In 2nd Corinthians chapters 8 & 9, we find the Apostle Paul lifting a Love Offering and he does refer to it as-- SEED SOWN.  See Chapter 9 verse 6 etc. etc..  But, Paul was NOT lifting this offering for himself nor to enrich himself . He WAS taking this offering from one particular church group to HELP OTHER POOR CHRISTIANS who were SUFFERING because of their faith in The Lord Jesus.
Now, again, let's be fair and balanced. Should we SUPPORT true
Ministers of The Gospel with our MONEY ???
Of course !!! That's also BIBLE. Study it out. "The laborer is worthy of his reward" etc. etc. etc.. All over the BIBLE we are taught to GIVE to help the TRUE man or woman of God.  But, a REAL man or woman of God will not suck you dry like some sort of foul leech! They will feed you ALL THE COUNSEL OF GOD, and they will NOT major on LOVE OFFERINGS, TITHES, etc. BUT, rather they will FEED YOU GOD'S WORD, AS HE GIVES IT TO THEM, AS THEY FAITHFULLY STUDY  HIS WORD AND SEEK HIS FACE IN PRAYER.
If these "preachers" and "teachers" would REPENT of their CON GAMES, and get on TV and in their pulpits, and PREACH and TEACH so as to get PRECIOUS SOULS delivered, saved, healed and ready for the soon coming KING---Then I believe ALL THE MONEY--that they  would ever NEED-- would come FLOWING IN like a MIGHTY STREAM.
Let's stop all the BEGGING. Let's stop giving to all the Beggars.
Let's stop PLAYING CON  GAMES.  Let's stop being CONNED.
May God Bless His Word,

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.  (Isaiah 54:17)
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