How Do You Approach God?

"God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about Him" (Psalm 89:7).

Matthew Henry said - "A holy awe of God must fall upon us, and fill us in all our approaches to God, even in secret..." Adam Clarke had this to add - "In all religious assemblies, the deepest reverence for God should rest upon the people."

There is no doubt about it - God should and must be approached with awe by all those who convene for His worship. Everything about Him must be feared. His power must be feared...His justice must be feared...His holiness must be feared...as well as His goodness, benevolence, and mercy.

Charles Spurgeon explained it in this way - "Where angels veil their faces, men should bow in lowliest fashion." God is terrible in His holy places. Hence, He should rightfully be "greatly...feared" in the congregation. The more His glories are seen, the more we should humbly prostrate ourselves in His Presence.

When you approach God - whether it be in secret or in the general assembly - you should always approach Him with reverence and fear. To approach Him in irreverence is rebellion.

Nowadays, there is seen among God's people a contemptuous familiarity with Him. He is approached any ole way - almost with a sinful boldness.

How do you approach God? Is He "greatly...feared" in your assembly? Does the "deepest reverence" for Him rest upon the people? 


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