Grievous Disappointment

"My soul breaketh for the longing that it hath unto Thy judgments at all times"  (Psalm 119:20).

Have you ever had a longing for something whereby it felt as though your heart would break in pieces if you didn't have it?

The Psalmist had such a desire for righteousness. He experienced an "excessive longing"...a "grievous disappintment"...a "hopeless love"...and an "accumulated sorrow" (Adam Clarke) before he received his "blessing" from the Lord. He greatly desired to have a more perfect knowledge of the laws and precepts of God and to yield a more constant obedience to them.

This "longing" that he felt to know more of God was so strong that at times he felt it wearing away at his strength little by little - eventually bringing him to exhaustion. This"longing" for God wore upon Him as an ungratified desire would do to any man. It was not fitful nor spasmodic. It was constant.

He desired the "mind of God." He desired more knowledge and grace. He desired to walk more and more in what he already knew. He was wholly taken up with and employed in this desire.

Charles Spurgeon commented on this verse by saying - "True godliness lies very much in desire."

If that be the truth - and it is - then what can others say about you when they see your desires?

Like the Psalmist, do you know what it is like to have a broken-heart for the things of God - especially for His Word? Do you have an intense desire to know God and make Him known?