Bless each and every one reading this prayer at this moment.


            Preserve them from all evil. Preserve their souls. Preserve their going out and coming in – from this time forth, and even forevermore. Keep them as the apple of Your eye. Hide them under the shadow of Your wings. By Your Holy And Most Powerful Word, keep them from the paths of the destroyer. Show them the path of life. Hold up their goings in Your path by Your free Spirit. Don’t let their footsteps slip. Order their steps. Teach them how to always set You as Lord before them. Knowing that You are at their right hand - show them that they need never be moved or shaken by any circumstances or evil reports.


            Incline Your ear unto their prayers as they call upon you in the day of trouble. Deliver them from all those who rise up against them. Show them Your marvelous lovingkindness for You are One Who has promised to save by Your Mighty Right Hand all those who put their trust in You.


            Your greatest desire is to see Truth in their inward parts. Fill them with Your truth. Replace every lie that Satan has planted in their hearts and minds with the Truth of Your Word. Make them to know wisdom. Cause them to know the way wherein they should walk. Make them wiser then their enemies. Give them not over unto the will of their enemies. Let not their enemies triumph over them. Give them the grace to always make the right choices. Endue them with power from on high. Give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. Enlighten the eyes of their understanding.


            Keep them from all idolatry for You said in Your Word that sorrows will be multiplied to all those who seek after other gods. May they never give homage or worship to another besides You. Examine their hearts to see if there is any wicked way in them. Lead them in the way everlasting.


Since they have determined to make You and You alone their God, bring them into the fullness of joy that is found in Your presence. May they experience the pleasures that are found at Your right hand.  


 And for all those who are not right with You - who are walking in disobedience and rebellion to Your Word - by Your Holy Spirit, bring conviction on them right now as they read this prayer. Pour out Your grace upon them enabling them to repent of all sin and to turn their lives completely over to You. Give them a hunger for Your Word. And lead them to the right people who are ordained by You to be the instruments in discipling them and establishing them in the faith.


            In Jesus’ Awesome & Most Powerful Name, we pray.


            Amen & Amen!  


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