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God is after one thing in our lives - Control !!!

  • Psalm 61:1-2 - "Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I."

  • Psalm 61:1 - "Hear my cry, O God..."

Have you ever -
     ...been depressed with a broken and burdened heart?
     ...been in deep distress over certain situations happening all around you?
     ...felt like you were encompassed by many, cruel enemies who were set on your destruction?

Do you know what it is like to be in such a state of confusion with seemingly no way out?
If you have "been there and done that," then you realize how important it is to vent your feelings to someone at this time.

The question is - Who will listen?
Many will listen for a time, but then they get bored, disinterested, or irritated.
But, who will really listen enough to do something about the problem?

  • Psalm 61:1 - David looked unto the Lord his God for a listening ear. He earnestly prayed - "Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer."

This was not your ordinary "cry."
It was one made with the greatest of importunity and fervency of spirit.
It expressed language that sprung from utter and deep distress - one which emitted from a broken heart and a wounded spirit.
It was a "cry" that had the determination to hold on for the answer and not let go until the Blessing came.

  • Psalm 61:1 - "...attend unto my prayer..."

Give ear to me, O God. Though everyone on the face of the earth rejects me and turns away from me or gives me a deaf ear, incline Your ear to me. Hear me out, O Lord. Please hear me out!

  • Psalm 61:2 - "From the end of the earth..."

Have you ever felt as though you lived on the street that was located on "the end of the earth"?

This is the place where -
     ...you feel as though you are a million miles away from God and any other resources to help you out of your
        distress and pain
     ...you seemingly cry and cry and cry, but no one hears you.

This is the "bottomless pit," so to speak, out of which there simply is no imaginable way of ever being rescued or delivered. It's the place of the deepest darkness, despair, and depression of the soul. It's marked by deap-seated sorrow, rejection, loneliness, and hopelessness of there ever coming a change. It's the place where no comfort seems to reside.

Have you ever been there? Are you presently living on "the end of the earth" street?

What did David do when he found himself in such a seemingly, God-forsaken place?

  • Psalm 61:2 tells us that in this dark, dark place, he cried unto the Lord - "From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee..."

He found himself in such dejection and despondency of spirit.
He felt as though he was covered with darkness and that calamity had enveloped his soul.
He saw no sign of light or comfort.

  • Psalm 61:2 - How do we know this? For his words are so picturesque here - "...when my heart is overwhelmed..." That word "overwhelmed" means that his mind was covered or muffled up with sorrow.

O Saint of God! Can you relate to David's expression here?

Do you feel as though your own heart is "overwhelmed" this day?
Does sorrow seem to cover you?
Do you feel as though a thousand swords are piercing your heart with great agony and pain at the disappointments and setbacks that you are presently facing?
Have you been hurt so deeply that you feel as though you have been drinking from the "cup of sorrows" lately which is filled to overflowing with your own tears?

David was there. He found himself in such a state. What did he ask the Lord to do for him?

  • Psalm 61:2 - "...lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."

He knew that he had no strength in himself to rescue himself from such a situation. He also knew that another human being would not do for the task. He needed someone "higher than I." He found himself in such a deep, deep pit that He needed Someone who had great might and power - Someone Who was well able to reach down and lift him up out of his "miry clay."

Who was that SOMEONE?
He was none other than the ROCK CHRIST JESUS!

David was looking for a place of safety and refuge from his enemies. He was seemingly in a low valley where he was exposed to every threat and attack. He needed a stronghold - a place where he would feel safe. He was looking for a higher place than where he was at at the moment. He knew that he could not get there without some help.

  • Psalm 61:2 - Hence, he cried out to the Lord - "...lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."

Let's stop here a minute and reflect on that little word "lead." Oftentimes, when we find ourselves in a predicament of any sort, we try feverishly to get out of it. We will run ourselves to exhaustion seeking for a refuge for our souls. We cannot stand for things to be "out of control" so we will work senselessly to restore our lives back to normalcy.

Many times when we are faced with trials and periods of testing, God is after something in us.
He desires change. But what is it that He wants changed?

We can say with all certainty that He is after our tendency to control. He wants to break us of it.
If there is anyone who should rightfully be in control of our lives, it is Jesus!
After all, He is supposed to be Lord!

Yet, even in spite of the fact that we confess Him as the Lord of our lives, we still have the tendency to take control of things.

  • We still want to be in control.

  • We want to "call the shots."

  • We want to lead.

  • We want to make the final decision.

  • We want our own way.

God then has to allow fiery trials to come our way to break us of that spirit of control. He has to direct us into circumstances where everything is out of control, and He is the only One Who can set it aright.

Even though we may call Jesus Lord and sing about Him being Lord, yet we find ourselves doing the leading. We want to lead. We want to be in charge of things. We want to decide the overall direction for our lives.

  • Psalm 61:2 - David pleaded with the Lord - "...lead me..."

We need to do the same. When we find that our hearts are overwhelmed, and we are living on "the end of the earth" street, like never before, we need to plead with God to take the reins of our lives and "...lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."

Oh! Saints of God! God is after that control in us!
Oh! What He can do with us if we would just be willing vessels.
If only our wills would always and evermore be in subjection to His Will!

It's our own will that gets us into most trouble.
It's our own will that God has to deal with through adverse circumstances.
If we are to truly follow Jesus, then He must, at all times and in every place, do the leading.
He must be in control, not us!

In every situation, the Holy Spirit will always "lead" us to the Lord Jesus for the answer to our dilemma. He will not "lead" us to trust in ourselves and our own resources, nor will He ever lead us to trust in another man, lest we end up making him our god.

On the contrary, He will always lead us to place our total and absolute trust in the Solid Rock - the Lord Jesus Christ - "...the Rock that is higher than I."

God is wanting to take us higher in Him.
He has so much more for us.
We will never realize it until we let go of the reins of our lives and allow Him to "lead."

Oftentimes, He will allow the bottom to drop out from under us to cause us to get sick and tired of where we are at so that we will reach for Higher Heights in Him.
If not, we have a tendency to grow complacent and smug in our makeshift "comfort zones."

  • Psalm 61:2 - "From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee..."

David made up his mind that he would turn to the Lord Jesus for his answers. We need to do the same.

"...When my heart is overwhelmed..." We don't have to stay in our painful situation. We can do something about it!

We don't have to sit back and accept things as they are.
We don't have to listen to the devil telling us that life will always be this way.
God wants to bring changes into our lives.

But before He changes our circumstances, He wants to change us.
He wants to make us and mold us after His Will.
He wants to fashion us into yielded vessels.

"Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I" - From this day forward, we give up all control and allow the Lord Jesus to show us His way.

God is waiting for our response. What will it be?
Remember - It's a matter of the will.
Only we can make that choice.

When we do choose to let God be God, we can be assured of Great Victory and Blessing coming our way.
The Lord Jesus will see to it!

May God Bless His Word.

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