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Empty Me, Lord, That I May Be Filled!
"God can only fills valleys, not  mountains." - Roy Hession
Mark 10:43 says - "But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister." 
The Bible teaches the basic principle that gain is obtained through loss. Many examples prove this fact.
Matthew 19:21 - The Lord Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell what he had, give to the poor, and he would have treasure in heaven.
Matthew 19:29 - He told His disciples who had forsaken houses, brethren, sisters, father, mother, wife, children, or lands for His name's sake that they would receive a hundredfold.
Mark 8:35 - He told His disciples that whoever loses his life for the Gospel's sake, saves it.
Mark 9:35 - He said that anyone who desires to be first must be last and the servant of all.
John 12:24 - The corn of wheat must die in order to bring forth fruit.
Philippians 3:8 - Paul suffered the loss of all things to win Christ.
How paradoxical Jesus' teaching is especially to us in the Western world!
In order to get riches, we have to give.
In order to receive a hundredfold return, we have to forsake all.
In order to save our life, we have to lose it.
In order to lose our life, we have to save it.
In order to be first, we must be last.
A corn of wheat must die before it produces fruit.
In order to win Christ, we have to lose everything.
Let's take one principle by itself and examine it further.
The World would tell us that in order to gain wealth, we must hoard our riches. Save, Save, Save, Save!!! Look out for #1 - Me!!! If you do, you will have it made. Yet the kingdom of God operates by a totally different mind set. Self is not considered. The way to true riches is to give all.
Is it any wonder that the Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:14 spoke of being crucified unto the World? The World functions on an entirely different system of reasoning to that of the Kingdom of God.
The contrast between Biblical principles and the world's thinking is also witnessed in the statements of many of God's servants. The following lists their quotes -
John Flavel"When God intends to fill a soul, He first makes it empty. When He intends to enrich a soul, He first makes it poor. When He intends to exalt a soul, He first makes it sensible to its own miseries, wants, and nothingness." 
Thomas Manton"The way to rise is to fall."
C. H. Spurgeon"The more we are humbled in grace, the more we shall be exalted in glory." 

Martin Luther"Until a man is nothing, God can make nothing of him." 
Richard Halverson - "The greatest men are those who are humble before God. The tallest men are those who bend before God." 

A. B. Bruce - "Show when you are tempted to hide, and hide when you are tempted to show." 

Henry G. Bohn"He who knows himself best esteems himself least." 

Edward Reynolds"The fullest and best ears of corn hang lowest towards the ground." 

Thomas Guthrie"The Christian is like the ripening corn; the riper he grows, the more lowly bends his head." 

Anonymous"The easiest way to dignity is humility."
We can see from these statements the same principle that Gain is obtained through Loss.
Humility precedes Honor.
We must be emptied before we can be filled.
In order to be enriched, we must become poor.
In order to rise, we must fall.
The World preaches that the way to be great is to exalt ourselves. The Lord Jesus came to show us a better way. His way declares that the way to be great is to be the minister or servant of all.
Psalm 18:30 sums it up, in saying  - "As for God, His way is perfect..."
May God Bless His Word.


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