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First of all, I would like to announce that we will be having our regular Prayer Time on Friday - September 7. Begin to send in your prayer requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org and please don't forget to send your Praise Reports to - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
Do we need a Holy Ghost Revival? You answer that for yourselves after hearing what my family and I experienced this past Labor Day. On our way home from spending an afternoon together, we were about to take an exit when we came upon several fire trucks and ambulances. We thought for sure that there had to be a horrible accident. The only problem was that there were no wrecked cars in sight. As we looked around, we saw that people were standing around their parked cars looking up. Then we saw what all of the commotion was about. A young woman was sitting on the edge of a high bridge - ready to jump into the traffic. By this time, the police had both lanes blocked.
At first, we pulled aside off the road and watched this woman as she scooted back and forth on the edge of the bridge. She continuously jerked around - looking to her left and right at the police who were gathered on either side - trying to deter her from jumping.
At first glance, it was obvious that this woman was high on some drug. She had no idea where she was and what she was doing. At one time, she got up and stood on the edge of the rim of the bridge - ready to jump. No sooner did she do that - then she quickly sat down and hung on the very edge of the bridge - threatening to jump to her death.
We had to get out of the way so we parked our car in a nearby parking lot, got out, and prayed. It was so obvious that the devil had total control over this woman. She kept making so many sporadic, fast movements. To watch her - it kept your heart in your throat the entire time.
We continued to bind and rebuke the devil and command him to loose this woman - in Jesus' Name. We rebuked him and told him that he would not destroy her life or cause her to jump and hurt herself.
What was equally disturbing was the reaction of the crowd that gathered to watch this scene. People were laughing and jeering. Most had their cell phones out and were taking videos or pictures of this woman. We overheard one woman inquire - "Will we get into trouble if we tell her to jump?" Another man said - "Be sure to get a picture of her falling!"
My family and I had to leave this scene and pray in the car. We were so disturbed by the heartless reaction of the crowd. They were entertained by it all. They wanted to see her jump to her death and catch it on their cell phones.
At one point, the woman on the bridge cried out to the police - "Those people want me to die. Why do they want me to die? I didn't hurt any of them." Even though she was so high on drugs, she still have enough sense to realize that the crowds didn't care at all about her. They were there only to see the show!
By faith, we believe that the woman was rescued and saved. We couldn't stay any longer to see the end results.
The reason why I mentioned this incident in the first place was to demonstrate to you just how badly Dallas/Fort Worth (or should we say America in general) needs a Holy Ghost Revival.
When a woman who is ready to plunge to her death becomes the grand Labor Day entertainment for the masses, we desperately need God's mighty intervention.
The sad thing about it all is this - even though these people (we saw lesbians, fornicators, etc. among the crowd) were not on a literal bridge about to step into eternity without Christ, they are definitely on a figurative bridge - dangling by their toes...about to be thrust over by Satan Himself...and not realizing the present danger that they are in.   
Please, let's make it a point to continue to cry out to God for a Holy Ghost Revival to hit this nation! It's our only hope!
After ministering at the jail last night, I have a couple of Praise Reports that I would like to share with you. I had not been at the jail for several weeks because I had been ill. For five weeks, I was fighting a sinus infection or cold of some sort. Actually, I ended up with fluid behind my ears and had to see a doctor. I am well now - thanks to Jesus and all of your prayers.
For the longest time, when I would go to the jail to minister, I would only have one inmate in my Bible Study. Even though I would invite the girls to come to the Bible Study, they would always go to the other chaplain and leave me and Mary alone. This went on for several months.  Once in awhile, others would join us, but for the most part, it was just me and Mary studying the Bible together.
Mary loved it this way. She would always tell me that she loved the one-on-one study. As I would teach the lesson, she would take down notes and read in her Bible along with me. I poured into her the Scriptures. After the lesson, I would pray with her for Miracles to happen in and through her. I would always tell her that God has the last word and to believe Him for Miracles to happen in her life. I had the greatest joy to see her grow by leaps and bounds in the Faith. She had such a hunger for the Word and a love for Jesus.
Yesterday, when I came to the jail, one of the other chaplains who teaches in my pod, told me that Mary was no longer in the jail. I was shocked. I said, "What do you mean she is not here any more?" I knew that she was facing several years of prison time for her crimes. Much to my amazement, the chaplain informed me that she was sent home. She was released a week ago with all charges dropped against her. The chaplain finished the report by saying - "It was a Miracle!"
I must admit that I started to cry for joy. The other chaplains rejoiced with me at the tremendous Good News. Jesus answered my prayer. He indeed performed a Miracle for Mary and totally freed her from jail and future prison time. Today, she is a free woman. She is not under probation or under any obligation to the county or state. She is totally free!
Isn't this fantastic what Jesus did for her?
I always encourage the ladies to sell out to Jesus and then watch and see what He will do. Mary sold out to Jesus, and now she is reaping a life of freedom! Her charges were all dropped! Not only is she out of jail, but she is no longer facing prison time! Hallelujah!
I remember that Mary would tell me that she would get up every morning at 4 AM, eat breakfast, and then go to her room and sing to Jesus. Throughout the entire day, she read and studied the Bible. She stayed alone for the most part - fellowshipping with her God. Because she remained faithful to Jesus, He showed Himself faithful to her and gave her the greatest Miracle she could ever imagine or dream for.
And to top off this story, last night after my Bible Study, two women prayed with me to get right with God. What a joy it was to watch them cry in the Presence of the Lord as He touched their lives and made them new. One young girl responded - "I feel such a cleansing." Isn't that beautiful? Indeed, she was being washed in the waters of regeneration.
I have a question for y'all. Are you reaching the lost in your "neck of the woods"? Don't forget to tell us about your Divine Appointment or opportunity to witness or pray with someone for salvation. Make it very short and send it off to - soulsavingstation@walkingintruth.org . We want to give God all of the Praise for what He is doing in and through you in the Harvest Fields. Be sure to let us know, ok?
Judy, one of the subscribers to Walking In Truth Ministry list, had an awesome experience recently. This is what she wrote -
"Today I went to Colleen's home. She is dying of cancer and I have had her hugely on my heart for this past two months since she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is so frail and cannot eat but today I shared the Lord Jesus with her and prayed over her. She did pray a simple prayer asking for forgiveness for her sins and for the Lord Jesus to come into her heart and take over her life. She for all of her life was so against anything that smacked of religion but today as I wept openly before her sharing testimonies of how Jesus had changed my life and my sister Maxine before she died................she listened intently as did her friend Debbie. I have to believe that this was a God-appointment and that she was serious about doing what she did. She, unless the Lord Jesus does a miracle  will not live more than a week.

Please pray for both she and her husband Dennis.

Bless you, Judy
Wow! Isn't that tremendous! I believe that Colleen is saved and will make it to heaven - and all because of Judy's labor of love and work of faith in ministering the Gospel to her on her death bed.
Let's pray for Colleen and her husband Dennis. Let's believe for a Miracle for this couple. Jesus is able.
Don't forget to share your experiences with us at - soulsavingstation@walkingintruth.org . Let's get excited about souls, souls, souls! After all, that is what excites Jesus! And if you are truly following Him, you will be as excited, too.

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