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Why Would Anyone Want To Backslide & Become Like The Wicked?
A terrible fate awaits those who are wicked. So, we ask - why do we have so many backsliding on God? Do they not realize what awaits those who live like the wicked? Do you?
Throughout the Bible, we find the terrible plight of the "wicked."
Psalm 35:6 describes their "way" as - " ...dark and slippery..." It is as though they are being driven by the wind on a slippery path in darkness. It is also as though they are on a dark road made slippery by the rains. They are in danger every moment of sliding down a precipice where they will  be destroyed. They are surrounded by ambushes, hidden snares, and surprise stratagems of the enemy and don't even know it.  They are not able to see where they are going...what is before them...or what danger lies ahead. They have no guide...no knowledge of the precipices which may be before them...or the enemies which are pressing upon them. Since they cannot see their way, they are sure to stumble and fall.
Jeremiah 23:12 describes their "ways" as - "slippery ways in the darkness: they shall be driven on, and fall therein..." In this particular verse, the Prophet Jeremiah describes those who walk in the dark night without any lamp or lantern to light their way. They walk upon "slippery ways" - ways where they are scarce able to stand upon their legs...can't see to pick their way nor where to step next...and are in constant danger of slipping and falling into a ditch. The way that they  hoped would be their way of escape becomes their path of ruin. They are hurried on by Satan, their own lusts, and their sinful ways.
Proverbs 4:19 compares their "way" to - "darkness" at which they "know not at what they stumble." The "way of darkness" is the way of sin. It is the "way" full of ignorance and error...uncertainty and confusion...and danger and misery. It leads to ruin and eternal darkness. These "stumble" at the Word and Christ of Whom they are ignorant and have no knowledge. 
Deuteronomy 32:35 describes their plight in this way - "...their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand..." They think that they stand fast and unmovable, but their sin deceives them. When the measure of their sins is filled up, their foot begins to totter, and they fall into utter destruction.
In Psalm 73:18, we read how God sets them  - "in slippery places" and "casts them down into destruction." Believe it or not! God allows them to reach a high position in life. However, it is not a solid and permanent position where their foothold is secure. Their condition at this point can be described as uncertain and dangerous. Their prosperity has no firm ground because it is not built on God's favor or promise. It is a "slippery" path - filled with the instability of things.
And, in 1 Peter 2:8, the Apostle Peter describes them as "stumbling at the word" - "being disobedient."  These people are rejecting Christ for something else. That something is most likely the things or pleasures of this world. Because they are so engrossed in the "lusts of the flesh," "lusts of the eye," and "pride of life"(1 John 2:16), they don't believe. They find themselves not disposed to obey God's commands as outlined in His Holy Word. 
Who in their right mind would choose "dark and slippery" ways where they know not at what they stumble and are sure to "slide in due time"  into misery, ruin, and destruction?  
The sad thing about it is - there are some who are reading this message who are doing just that. They are "playing with sin."
You, Sir or Ma'am, are entertaining some form of "lust" in your heart or rebellion in your life. You know that you are forbidden by God to - do what you are doing...associate with those whom you are associating with...or go where you are going. You are becoming harder and harder in your heart, and the sin is become easier and easier to commit. In fact, you are feeling great pleasure in what you are doing.
This message is for you!
It's a warning from God to stop what you are doing...repent...flee from youthful lusts(2 Timothy 2:22)...and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness(Ephesians 5:11). Cut off all sinful relationships, and stop all sinful practices.
Just in case you did not get the impact of this message and cannot yet see the horrible plight of the "wicked," read it again - this time very slowly - while concentrating on every word.
Take your time! Your eternal soul is at stake!
Cry out to Jesus! He will save you from your horrible pit!
Realize this - this temptation is too big for you! You cannot and will not tackle it on your own. It will swallow you up and ruin you.
Call on Jesus to deliver you from the "snare of the fowler"(Psalm 124:7). He's got the power and grace to do so. He's the only One Who can!
And He will, if you will simply cry out to Him!
May God Bless His Word.