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I have not been able to send out a message the last few days because I received a corruptible file to my Inbox that messed up the  account from which I send my messages. Right now, I am waiting for a CD to come in the mail from JUNO so that I can upgrade and then be able to uninstall and re-install without losing any folders or important files. At least, this is what they told me. I am trusting the Lord to help me here.
I have had people write to me telling me that they have not received any of my messages for the entire month of August or for the past few weeks. I have no idea what is causing this except for the enemy's hindrances. This is quite upsetting because I invest so much time to preparing for, writing, and then editing each message. Hours and hours go into each message. You can ask any preacher or teacher of the Bible if what I am about to say is not so - messages do not always come easily. Much time must be spent in the Presence of Jesus - especially to get a "word in season" - as many of you have responded and told me that my messages are just that.
My family and I covet your prayers. We all have had our bout with colds and sinus infections and whatever lately. My husband Carl is still fighting a very bad cold with fever and chills.
Believe it or not! Somehow a rodent or an army of them ( :0) ) got into our attic from the outside, ate the poison, and then got stuck in the wall of our living and dining room and died. Now our living room and dining area smells like dead rats.
The other day it rained - torrential rains - and water came in and flooded portions of our living room.
There has been this constant aggravation, and we realize that it is nothing but the harassment of the enemy - seeking to wear us out as saints.
On the other hand, we are seeing God move mightily in saving souls, healing the sick, and building up the saints in the faith. Our burden to see souls saved has intensified greatly.
We realize that we are in an intense warfare against the powers of darkness. We are not on the defense - we are on the offense. We are pushing back the devil and moving onward - taking new ground for the Lord. This always brings conflict. The devil wants us to stay in the same place forever - not doing anything for the Lord - just existing. He doesn't want us to advance or reach our potential - spiritually speaking.
Please lift us up in your prayers, and we will be sure to do the same for you.
Let's not settle for mediocrity. Let's prove to the world that we are Radically Saved and Radically Alive with the power of the Holy Ghost. This world needs what we have. Let's go forth in Jesus' Name - bringing great glory to His Name.
Prayerfully, I will be up and running again very soon.
In the meantime, I will spend this time on my face before Jesus - calling out your names and asking Him to bless you beyond your wildest dreams. Get ready for your blessing.
Have a GREAT DAY in Jesus.