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"...Great Bible
Teachers find themselves in the cross-hairs of the Enemy,
because you're taking back ground that belongs to God. You
are being used by the Lord as part of His plan to change
lives and save people from hell!..."

Glory to God! I am finally back online and my account - Godistruth@juno.com - is up and running. You wouldn't believe the ordeal that I went through with this server. Then again, knowing the antics of the devil, you wouldn't be surprised!
Last week, after being on the phone for several hours with different technical support workers, I was told that I would have to wait for a CD to come in the mail to do an upgrade. They promised me that I would not lose any of my important files and folders. They said that it would take 3-5 business days before the CD would arrive in the mail.
The CD arrived yesterday, and lo and behold, one of the workers told me that it was the wrong one! It was the version I already had. He said that the other one would come in one or two days. After waiting a whole week and then hearing such news was so frustrating - to say the least! But the cool thing about it all was that Jesus had me wrapped in His Peace and gave me such Grace through all of this. 
Then to make matters even worse, I called back a second time and another worker informed me that I could go to any Best Buy store in my area (which is a couple of miles away from my home) and pick up the CD that I was waiting for in the mail. Why didn't anyone tell me this in the first place? Here, I was waiting an entire week, and to think that my help was only a couple of miles away!?
Well, it turned out that I didn't need the new upgraded CD. This morning the worker deleted my old account and just imported the backup files into the new. She was having so much trouble doing this at first. In fact, she was just about ready to give up and leave me with losing all of my important folders and address book - going back to the time when I started this ministry. But while she was "giving it one last shot," the Lord had me say - "Why don't we try this route?" Believe it or not! It worked. And I was able to recover all of my folders up until August 2007. Thank You, Jesus!
Wait until you hear the news about the dead rat smell! Jesus did such a Wonderful Work here. The day after I sent out the notice to y'all, I was in the living room on my knees praying by a chair. I fell asleep in this position for about two hours. God honored my prayer even though it was a silent one for a time - :0) - because when I got up, I could hardly smell that awful smell. Within a couple of days after this, the smell was totally gone! Saints, this is a Miracle! Jesus heard all of our prayers and brought swift relief. Isn't that great? Have you ever heard of such a testimony like this one? Jesus can undo anything that the devil does! We serve such an Awesome God! This smell should have lingered for weeks and even months, but it was gone in a couple of days!
And I thank God that my husband Carl is feeling so much better. My family and I are finally over that terrible attack of sinus infection, colds, flu, or whatever.
I am hoping that - by opening up a new account - the problem that I had of people not receiving their messages will be solved. Please let me know within a week or so if you are now getting your messages, ok?
If you had e-mailed me while I was gone, I did not receive any of them until today. There was no way that I could get into my account to check mail or send out messages. An important DLL file was corrupted and just about ruined all of my work. But, oh how I thank Jesus that I was able to recover all of my important folders and files up until August 2007. He is so Good and Faithful!
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and prayers that you sent my way while I was gone.
And also, a big "THANK YOU" to all those who did not stop supporting this ministry while I was gone. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your kindness and faithfulness. We pray God's richest, richest blessings on all of you for caring enough to lift us up financially when it seemed as though - "all Hell broke loose" - against us.
One last thing - more than ever, I am seeing how serious this battle is between the Christian and the devil. He certainly isn't letting up in the fight - neither should we! He is viciously fighting any ministry that is putting out the Truth like ours. He, being the Father of lies, knows the power of one Anointed Word from the Holy Spirit. He hates the Word of God because it renders him void and powerless.
"It is written..." You can't say that unless you know what you are talking about.
This ministry intends to fill God's people with the Truth - and nothing but the Truth - so that they - in turn - can walk in freedom and help others to do so as well. We are succeeding. People are testifying to that fact.
It is sad but true - so many of God's people do not read the Bible. They read cute little stories and books about the Bible, yet they neglect the Book itself. If you haven't noticed yet, Christianity is under a severe attack. Let me narrow this down to one statement. What is being attacked is the true definition of who or what is a Christian or even a Christian minister or ministry. There is so much inclusiveness that is being passed along in the name of the Gospel. No! Everyone is not saved who thinks or says they are saved. Alot are sincerely deceived.
A young Preacher who I know very well heard Jesus speak to him in a Sunday service and say this about the people in Dallas, Texas. The Lord said, "There are many people in Dallas, Texas, who think that they are going to heaven when they die because they belong to someone's church, yet they are headed for Hell!"
What would Jesus say about your city or church? What would He have to say about you? Would He say that you are headed for Heaven or Hell?
This is serious business, Saints!
Now is the time to find out the Truth about your soul.
Many are packing the False Prophet's pockets full with their tithes and offerings. They think that they are doing God a service because they "sow their seed," and don't even realize it that God isn't even with the man or woman whom they are supporting.
There is great deception in the land. Big ministries are being shaken. The sad thing about it is that the people are still supporting them. The blind are leading the blind - headed for the same ditch.
Wake up, Saints! You have no one to blame but yourself if you are deceived by the False Prophets in the land. God does have His Faithful Ministers who will tell you the Truth - whether you like it or not!
By the Grace of God, Walking In Truth Ministry is one of them.  
The opening quote came from an e-mail that I received today. Here it is again -

"...Great Bible
Teachers find themselves in the cross-hairs of the Enemy,
because you're taking back ground that belongs to God. You
are being used by the Lord as part of His plan to change
lives and save people from hell!..."


It is our desire and goal to be Great Bible Teachers here at Walking In Truth Ministry. We know for a surety that we are indeed in the "cross-hairs" of the enemy. Day by day over the Internet, we are taking back ground that belongs to the Lord Jesus. And we certainly are being used by Him to change lives and save people from Hell. To Him be all the glory!

It will take me another day or two to get going again with my messages. I have to clear some things up and rearrange all of my restored folders (over 2,900 of them).
In the meantime, I pray this for all of you - "Lord Jesus, bless Your people and make them all warriors for You in this Fight of Faith. Amen & Amen!"
Have a GLORIOUS WEEKEND in our Blessed Lord,
P.S. I cannot wait to see what kind of messages Jesus has for us in the upcoming days. It will be exciting to see!