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It's time to send in your prayer requests for Wednesday's Prayer Time. Please send all requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org
We were so excited to receive the following Praise Report. We all know how expensive dental work can be. This individual received a powerful healing in her gums and teeth and was spared of a very large debt. If you are needing a touch of the Lord in your teeth or gums, why don't you believe the Lord to do the same for you? He is no respecter of persons. What He did for one - He will do for another!

Want to thank God and thank you for praying for me....I had asked for prayers for my teeth/gums (gums were swollen and hardened on the upper row and reddish on the lower row; there was quite a big protruding area on the upper gums; two apparent holes (decay) on the upper row of teeth). Praise God!!! The day after I sent in my prayer requests, I touched my upper gums and praise God...the protruding area was obviously reduced in size. Then it went down further the day either during the day or the day
after. The hardening and swelling on the upper gums were significantly better after your prayers. And praise God...the dentist checked my teeth tonight and confirmed that there are no holes on the upper row of teeth at all. And I want to thank God that He had helped me to save quite a lot of money as a result of His healing...Really grateful. Thanks so much for praying with me. :P

God's abundant blessings continue to be upon you, your family and your ministry!

God bless
In all of my years on the Internet, I have not had such an attack of Satan against this work like recently. I just checked the mailing list where the Praise Reports and Prayer Requests are listed and found submissions that were foul, unclean, and very pornographic. Also, someone feels very humored in sending me weather forecasts as well as nonsensical stuff. This is just one of the attacks that has been coming.
In spite of it all, God is moving during the Wednesday Prayer Times. People are being healed, delivered, saved, and financially helped. The devil is having a nervous breakdown over it all.
Be determined to send in your requests and let's watch Jesus show up and show off. He's the Miracle Worker and loves when His children reach out by Faith toward Him in prayer.
I wanted to share what happened at the Jail last week. The women which I have been discipling for months invited a new girl to join us. This young lady had only been in jail for seven days. She showed me her arms and all the "tracks" from the needles where she shot up drugs. She quickly informed me that she did not believe in God and that she never experienced a Miracle in her life. She said that all she ever had in life was bad luck. I readily informed her that she was about to experience a Miracle and that she would know before long that Jesus is real and alive!
Throughout the study, she asked questions. When it came to the end of the lesson, I looked at her and asked her if she wanted to pray and give her life to Jesus Christ. She immediately said - "Yes!" I explained to her what that entailed - repenting of her sins and turning her life completely over to Jesus. She said that that was what she wanted to do.
Right there in the pod, we prayed and Jesus saved her soul and then touched her life in a supernatural way. When I left her, she was glowing. All the darkness was gone. Hallelujah! She was now a believer who experienced the Greatest Miracle of all - salvation!
On Saturday, John and I did door-to-door evangelism. Did we ever have the time of our life! We encountered several Divine Appointments - as we canvassed two and one-half apartment complexes for Jesus.
Needless to say, our Resurrection Day was the best ever! After evangelizing throughout the week, we were so fired up and ready to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.
Let me share one secret which the Lord revealed to me a while back. The secret to getting and staying on-fire for God is to keep evangelizing. The more you share your faith with others, the more the fire of the Holy Spirit - that is within you - will burn. The opposite is true as well. The less you share your faith with others, the drier, deader, and more religious you will become. Before you know it - you will be like Samson - shaking yourself and not realizing that the Spirit of God has departed from you.
As you tell people about Jesus and what He did for you, it keeps that love flowing. You keep falling in love with Him over and over again. Your worship becomes energized. I am convinced - the best worshippers are the soul winners. I know this is the truth!
Do you want to draw closer to the Lord? Start evangelizing your neighborhood, work place, or area. Tell people about Jesus. If you will - The Holy Spirit will be sure to give you more and more revelation of Who He is. Your worship will become richer and richer and freer and freer.
Be sure to send in your Prayer Requests at prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org . And please don't forget to give God all of the Praise by sending in your Praise Reports at - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
One last thing - some had written to inform me that they were not receiving my messages for a week or weeks at a time. Are you one of those individuals? Please let me know. Usually, I send out five or six messages a week. If you don't receive that many, something is definitely wrong.
If you have missed some of the past messages, visit my website at - www.walkingintruth.org/truthindex.html and read them there.
Also - Please pray about supporting this ministry with your financial gifts. The offerings have been down lately. My work has not lessened in the least. I am still putting out messages and remembering ya'll and your specific needs every week before the Throne of Grace. Even though you may not send in a request, I am lifting you up before the Lord.

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