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You may wonder why I take the time to pray for the needs of the people on my mailing list. Why don't I just stick to writing messages? 

The Lord Jesus - at the beginning of this year - instructed me that I was to designate Wednesday as the day to pray for the needs of the people who I am feeding spiritually with His Word. He told me that He did not want me to just teach His Word, but to demonstrate its power in Miracles and answers to prayer. Resultantly, He has been so Faithful to extend His hand of mercy and touch so many at their point of need.  

What good is it if people simply hear the Word preached but never have an opportunity to put it into practice or see the signs and wonders that surely follow?  

Here at Walking In Truth Ministry, we are preaching and teaching the Word with the demonstration of Spirit and Power. God is backing up His Word with signs and wonders. That is what they did in the Book of Acts, and that is what God requires of His Church today. Jesus is "the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever"(Hebrews 13:8). He wants to manifest His Glory to all. He sends His Word and then backs it up with His Holy Ghost Power.  

Below you will read another astounding answer to prayer that came in since last Wednesday's Prayer Time. No matter what the economical situation is that you are presently facing - God can and will do a Miracle for you. Circumstances may be against you - but Jesus is the God Who is above all.  

Read this testimony and let your faith skyrocket if you, too, are needing a job...a better job...or even a financial breakthrough.   

Dear Connie

I wrote to you three weeks back requesting that you pray that God opens doors
because I needed another job as I am miserable where I am.  I snt out my CV to an
employment agency and last week was called in for an interview and on Tuesday they
called to say I had gotten the job and I could start on 1 May 2007.  I live in
country where there is 80% unemployment. Thank you for your prayer.


I want to thank you for praying for me while I was at the Minister's Conference this past Thursday and Friday. I did not stay for Saturday's events, but instead felt led of the Lord to do door-to-door evangelism that morning with several from my church. However, the time that I spent at the Conference was life-changing. I will never be the same after attending this special event.  

The morning of the opening events, the Lord gave me a word for the entire group of ministers - which I was able to share with them. He told me to tell them that He is the God of Wonders and wants each minister in this fellowship to demonstrate to the world that He is indeed the God of Wonders. It was received wholeheartedly and with great excitement. And it was confirmed over and over again during the conference by the guest speaker - who was not there when I shared the Word of the Lord. As we look upon our world today, we certainly would have to agree that this world needs to see a demonstration of God's Power like never before.  The Lord Jesus is counting on us to be His hand extended - to show forth  His Mighty Miraculous Power to the masses. They need to see that He is still in the saving, healing, delivering, restoring, and miracle-working business. They need not look to another for help. He wants to be their help and shield.  

Do you need a Miracle?

Are you looking to the Lord for a breakthrough in your life, family, marriage, or business?  

Let us agree with you in prayer. God is Faithful and will back up His Word that says - "...if two of you shall agree on earth  as touching any thing...it shall be done...." It cannot get any plainer than that. What He said, He will do!  

Send in your requests at - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org And be sure to give God all of the Praise for the answer at - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org  

Many have written telling me that they have not been receiving all of the messages. This is very upsetting to me. In the years of my ministry on the Internet, such a thing has never happened. We need the wisdom of the Lord to know where the source of the problem lies. And we are confident that He will be Faithful to reveal that to us.  

Please let me know if you are still not getting all of the messages. Usually, I send out 5 - 6 a week.  

Once again, be sure to send in your requests at - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org and also your Praise Reports at - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org  

I am excited about lifting y'all up before the Throne of Grace tomorrow - whether individually or corporately.   

May Jesus be exalted in all of our lives.   

Have a GLORIOUS DAY in Him.


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