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I just felt led of the Lord to share some of the incidents that have transpired in my ministry and life over the past few days. Also, God gave me a word for all those who are feeling the "heat" of the battle at this time. May you be encouraged to press onward for the victory is already yours and know that the Miracle that you have been waiting for is right around the corner.  

First of all, let me share with you a fantastic Praise Report of what the Lord did at the Tarrant County Jail this past Tuesday night. In spite of the constant interruptions by the guards(they decided to check the inmates' rooms during the Bible Study time), two women got saved and two others prayed for forgiveness of their sins. Isn't that wonderful? Plus we prayed for Miracles to erupt after we left, so there is no telling what God did in and for these women and their families.  

Before going to minister, there were warnings being issued by the local News Stations that severe weather was to hit Fort Worth or the Tarrant County area at any minute. Although it did hit certain areas, we ventured out and saw clear skies the entire way there.  

After ministering to the women, as we were leaving the jail, sirens were going off warning that a tornado was spotted in the area and that we were to take immediate action. We rebuked the tornado and started homeward. I can tell you that I felt perfect peace the entire time. The Lord protected us and brought us home safely. Isn't Jesus wonderful?  

I had a powerful time of prayer yesterday lifting up every one on my mailing list. How I thank Him for His mighty Presence!  

However, in spite of the Praise Reports and great times with the Lord, I encountered some real attacks from the enemy.  

When reading and praying over the prayer requests that were sent in via the Internet, my computer kept locking up and moving so slowly from one request to another. What should have taken one hour ended up taking three to four.  

On Tuesday, as I was preparing a message to send out, all of a sudden, my face broke out with a rash on the right side. Weeks prior to this, I had some kind of skin irritation show up on my neck. There is no explanation for this - for I am not allergic to anything...have not changed detergents or soaps...and am not on any medication.

On Wednesday, as I was preparing to go to church for the Midweek Prayer Meeting, we received a message on our answering machine. We paid no attention to it at the time, but noticed before leaving, that water was leaking from our air conditioner into the laundry room. When we got home from church, Carl(my husband) called John(my son) and me into the room where the phone was to listen to the message that was recorded. We could not believe our ears. There over the recorder was a demonic voice saying in a very raspy voice - "Hi!" The hairs on our arms stood up after hearing it.  

This morning after almost completing my message for today, I cut it to paste it elsewhere and lost it completely because the computer just happened to lock up on me!    

Subscribers from all over the world are writing to me telling me that they have not gotten all of my messages. Some have not received a message for over a month. Others said that they get a few here and there.  

This is just some of the warfare that I have been encountering lately.  

Now, some would say - Oh! Connie! You shouldn't talk about the devil and what he is doing. This gives him glory. To that I say - "Hogwash!" In writing to you and relating these incidents, I am showing that we are in a heavy-duty warfare. We cannot get loose in our commitments to pray or lazy in our daily watching's.  

You see how the enemy fights furiously any time that the Word of God is being preached or taught. That should speak volumes to us about its power and threat to Satan's kingdom. Oh! How we should be reading and studying it - since the devil will do anything and everything to stop people from getting it in their hearts.  

Walking In Truth Ministry is a Ministry dedicated to teaching God's people His Word. Many of you have testified over and over again how the Bible messages that you receive are changing your life or taking you higher in your walk with the Lord. The devil will not sit back and let this happen without a fight.  

Look at your own life right now. What is it that the devil fights more than anything else? Is it not your time in the Bible? He doesn't care how you spend your time - just so that you do not spend it reading and studying God's Word.  

Lazy Christians who are looking for a playground or a life of ease and comfort will not make it to the end.  

We are in a fierce battle. The devil isn't playing - neither should we be.  

Some of these attacks that came forth against this ministry prove one thing to me - we are making great progress for the Kingdom of God. Things are happening in the Spirit realm - and the devil is furious!  

Perhaps, you are reading this message and feeling as though you are under severe attack as well. You have been "pressing in" to God - seeking Him more than ever by reading His Word and praying - and then all "Hell breaks loose" - so to speak.  

I have a word from the Lord for you today. Jesus told me to tell you this - "I am taking you higher to realms that you have never encountered or dreamed possible. You will break through the ranks of the enemy and get your Miracle if you will not faint but fight on. Fight on! Fight on, My child! Let each attack drive you closer to Me and away from Self, saith the Lord! Let each attack cause you to see more and more of your own inadequacies and My sufficiency to meet your every need. Let My Peace be your portion today! Rest in My Power and strength! You are victorious in Me. Wait on Me until your change comes, saith the Lord."   

I will attempt to write today's message again and then send it out sometime today.  

Never forget - we are in a war! It's not a time to let up on your prayer and Bible study. It's a time to advance on the enemy by drawing closer and closer to Jesus. Don't be satisfied with having a "little" of God's power operating in your life. Go for it all! Keep pressing onward! There is more and more and more to receive! He is a God of abundance.

 In Jesus' Name, we press on!



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