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Not A Rolling Stone 

"Fixedness of heart is the true cure for being alarmed at evil tidings." - Biblical Illustrator - Old Testament

"The fixedness of the heart is a sovereign remedy against the disquieting fear of evil tidings." - Matthew Henry  

"Trusting in the Lord is the best and surest way of fixing and establishing the heart."

"The heart of man cannot fix anywhere, to its satisfaction, but in the truth of God, and there it finds firm footing."

- the above quotes are from Matthew Henry  

How do you react to evil tidings? How do the heathen react to the same? What is the difference between you and them?  

Sad but true - many Christians react to bad news in the same way as those who are lost. This ought not to be.  

Psalm 112 informs us that the man who "fears the LORD" definitely manifests a different spirit when he hears bad news...faces reverses and losses...experiences the loss of his substance or property...or encounters various kinds of disasters.  

What is his distinguishing response?  

It is simply that he is not afraid.   

Psalm 112:7-8 explains - "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid..." At the report of approaching calamities, he is unfazed. He doesn't dread that evil tidings will come nor is he alarmed when they do come. He is ready at all times to face any adversary. When assailed by his enemies, he remains unperturbed.  

How can this be? How can anyone possibly remain unfazed by bad news or besetting calamities?  

The reason why this believer can stand unmoved is because "his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD...His heart is established..."  

What does this entail?  

A heart that is "fixed" is one that resigns everything calmly into the hands of God...is so fully confiding in Him...is fixed in a solid reliance upon Him...knows that He governs the entire world...feels assured that all will be well...is neither fickle nor cowardly...is firm and decided...doesn't doubt or waver in purpose...is not swayed or moved by events...is determined to walk in the path of duty no matter what... stands firm in the midst of all troubles...is firmly built on the foundation of Christ...is rooted and grounded in His love...remains quiet and patient when worst comes to worst...or is slightly affected when there is a change in circumstances. 

Simply said - a "fixed" heart is stable, settled on a sure basis, and directed aright.  

Why do alot of Christians react in fear to bad news? Because their hearts are not "fixed." They are not settled on the promises of God nor is their walk directed aright. The reason being is ignorance of the Word of God. They cannot find the time to read and study the Bible so they are ignorant of what it says.  

The method for having a heart that is "fixed" is "trusting in the LORD" - having a confidence in His goodness and a certainty of His all-sufficient power and grace.  

Psalm 112:7-8 says - "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid..."  

"His heart is established..." Unlike a rolling stone, it can be likened to an erect pillar. It is not worried nor afraid but sustained, upheld, or supported by Omnipotence.  This heart is the result of habitual trust.  

The man who "fears the LORD" - unlike the heathen - has a devout confidence in the face of the future. He feels himself always and altogether in the hands of a loving Father.  

How do you react to bad news or impending calamities?  

Perhaps you need to work on developing habits of trust in your loving Father Who cares for you and desires the Best for your future.  

Remember what Pastor Henry said - "Trusting in the Lord is the best and surest way of fixing and establishing the heart." 

God doesn't want you to be afraid of anything - yes, even bad news!  

It is possible to reach that place of confidence and trust in the Lord where you do not fear anything or anyone  

Do you want to go there?  

Don't forget - if you react to evil tidings with fear, you are no different than the heathen in your response.  

May God Bless His Word.



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