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Sorry that I did not get this notice out sooner. I was going to hold out on having a Prayer Time this week because my voice is still not totally restored. But I feel led of the Lord to take any Prayer Requests and have a Prayer Time this Friday - August 3rd. So be sure to get your requests in before that time. Be sure to send them to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org . And don't forget those wonderful Praise Reports. Send them to - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
Below you will find some interesting things to read. First of all, someone sent me an e-mail - listing positions available for a Pastorate. The listing below was included in the various job searches. I did e-mail the people to verify the legitimacy of this job opening. I have not yet gotten a response. 
Can this be true or is this a joke? I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. Have you noticed the great influx of comedians that are infiltrating the churches nowadays? Men who were once called by God to preach the Gospel are leaving their God-given calling to become comedians. Do you hear sirens and warning bells on this like I do? How come we don't find comedians listed in Ephesians 4:11 with the other five-fold callings? Also, why don't we find comedians in the Book of Acts? I think you already know the answer to that question.
Well, here is the listing. Sad to say - this is what many in the church today want their Pastor to be like. They want him to be funny. Never mind the fact that he should be a man of God carrying the burden of the Lord for His people. While the church is looking for a funny Pastor who can make them laugh, people are screaming out in pain - suffering with broken lives - not to mention the fact that many are headed for a devil's Hell and don't even know it!
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Senior Pastor

The Comedy Hour
23165 north western
edmond, OK


Job Description

This is a newly forming church. Job duties will be to set up church from ground up. We have a 5000sf building to start off in and are planning to build a new building as we grow. We have many ideas God has put on our hearts, would like to hear about yours too and see if we feel like a match to grow God's Kingdom together.

Job Requirements

Must be very funny!! Please send copy of a cd or dvd.

  • Job Category: Senior Pastor
  • Pay to relocate: No
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Education required:
  • Experience required (years): 0


Developing new age church. The idea is to use humor and comedy to bring people to Christ. With the right Pastor we plan on becoming a rapidly growing mega church soon. We are thinking the church will be called Comedy Hour and be open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. We want to show people that being Christians does not mean we can't have fun. Would like to work with new Pastor to come up with new ideas, so please share what God has put on your heart.

Looking for a pastor who is funny, can communicate well with our young generation, and most importantly, in love with the Lord.

Read more about this organization

  • Denomination: Non-denominational
  • Organization Association: Emerging Church
  • Church Size: 0-100
  • Worship Style: Gen X / post-modern
Here are two very encouraging notes that I received while I was away from the computer. What a blessing they were to me.
Hello Connie,
Hope you start feeling better. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I
will look forward to reading your mails as soon as you are back on your
feet. AS you might guess, you have a beautiful way with words AND god's word
and HOW it applies to "our" lives in this age we are in NOW.
Dear Sister Connie,
May God be praised for such His servant like you. 
I have been blessed reading your devotional  note.  You have confirmed a lot of things through yr email and thank God for new technology.  I would have not much truth of God's word even though I have been in church since I was a kid hadn't I accessed your site. Thank you and thank you very much for giving your time to share and pray for us.
I have never heard anyone share the word like you, it is direct and to the point and I believe brings conviction to lives as it has to mine.
Thank you and blessings!
And here are some Praise Reports of what the Lord has done since our last Prayer Time. What a Mighty God we serve! Oh! How faithful He is to His children! Let's rejoice with these who have gotten their breakthrough!
Good Morning Connie,

I praise the lord this morning for his grace and mercies endureth forever.

I had written to you concerning my family  reunion. We had been separated
for almost two years  with my husband. I was living with my three children
and I saw the hand of God providing for our needs all through this period.

As I write to you this morning, MY HUSBAND IS BACK IN THE HOUSE, for one
week now and he has confessed that he loves his family and will stick on
our side no matter what may come his way.

THE DEVIL THAT HE IS UNDER OUR FEET, My husband will not have any interest
in going back to this other lady again.

 I sent an email sometime last month requesting you to pray for me as i had
managed to get a job in South Africa and my request was
to get the money for the visa application to go to South Africa.I thank our
Lord Jesus who does wonders. The company which offered me the job arranged to
send me the money for the visa application as i had failed to raise the
money. I thank our Lord Jesus for such a
wonderful thing he has done in my life. May God be praised forever and
ever. Our Lord God is an awesome God.

Thank you
a few months ago i asked for prayer for Sifiso who was in a terrible car accident
  he cracked his skull fractured his ribs and two broken legs he was in I.C.U for 3
  months during this time he went into a coma for 1 week all hope was lost the doctors
  weren't sure he would make it he was bleeding internally they did an op. but still
they had no hope well as you know our God is a mighty God he woke up was moved to
a ward 3 weeks later he was home in a wheel chair and was told he would not walk
for a long while +-3 years
  Praise God he did not listen to the doctors report when he got home he got of that
wheel chair he was in a lot of pain but he did it he is now walking not perfect he
limps and has a
  tough time climbing steps he has a bit of a problem with his speech other wise he
is well and getting better each and every day. thank you for the prayers may God
bless you and your prayer team more and more Praise be to God who is so faithful
Don't forget - "...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God"(Luke 18:27).
May the Lord turn your impossibilities into possibilities - starting today.
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