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Has Your Heart Become The Devil's Workshop?
"There are evil thoughts in all men's hearts; but the devising, fabricating of them, and thus making the heart into a devil's workshop, is the mark of utter depravity and wickedness, and is abhorrent to God." - Pulpit Commentary - Old Testament
"He hath the devil for his bed-fellow who lies abed and schemes how to sin."
"When the imagination gloats over doing harm to others, it is a sure sign that the entire nature is far gone in wickedness."
- both quotes are from Charles Spurgeon
"Those that leave off to do good begin to do evil..." 
"The law of God lays a restraint upon the heart, and forbids the entertaining, forbids the admitting, of a malicious, spiteful, ill-natured thought."
- both quotes are from Matthew Henry
"God's law forbids even a thought of revenge or injury against a neighbor, for this is only the first step to wrong doing."
- Pulpit Commentary - Old Testament
"A good man should devise all the good he can to his fellow creatures, but not evil to any..."
- John Gill's Exposition Of The Entire Bible
Are you guilty of - devising evil in your heart...planning ways of hurting or harming another... doing evil to others...cooking up plots against another...or planning something wrong?
God calls this wickedness. In fact, In Proverbs 6, He goes so far as to call it an "abomination" - something which He absolutely hates.
Has someone crossed you...said something that rubbed you the wrong way...or deliberately wronged you? At the time, you may have thought that it didn't really get the "best" of you. But now, you find yourself imagining all kinds of evil against this person - in order to get even with him or her. 
Someone may have spoken the truth about you, and resultantly, your pride was hurt. You may be the type of person who doesn't receive "truth" too easily - simply because you carry yourself very highly. Hence, no one gets away with saying something about you - or touching a "pet-lust" of yours. Now, without realizing it, you find yourself contriving a plan to secretly hurt or harm the "truth-bearer" - scheming in such a way so that no one will ever be able to suspect the malice in your heart toward this individual. 
We are instructed - with great plainness of speech - in Zechariah 7:10"...let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart."  In other words, don't think evil of your brother...wish evil to him...harbor the desire for revenge...or indulge an unfavorable opinion of or unbrotherly feeling toward him.
In Proverbs 3:29, we are commanded - "Devise not evil against thy neighbor, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee." Here we are instructed not to contrive how to do him an undiscovered ill-turn. We are not to form schemes in mind and thought to do him any injury in his name, character, person, property, or family.
The heart that entertains such thoughts of iniquity to bring another into distress or even ruin is considered to be an "abomination" in the sight of a Holy God. Thoughts and plans to cause another to suffer in any way, shape, or form is what Solomon had in mind in Proverbs 6 when he listed - "An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations..."(Proverbs 6:18) - among the seven things that God absolutely hates.  
It is the enemy of God who "imagines a mischievous device"(Psalm 21:11). It is the "wicked" man that has "no fear of God" in his heart who "deviseth mischief upon his bed"(Psalm 36:1 & 4). When he should be resting, he is contriving schemes on how to compass his lusts and do injury to another. It is the "evil man" or the "violent man" who "imagines mischief in his heart"(Psalm 140:2) and delights in making another miserable or ruining his reputation. When he sees that others are showing favor toward the person with whom he is trying to get even - with a "sharpened tongue"(Psalm 140:3) and "adders' poison under his lips"(Psalm 140:3) - he works feverishly to tear him down in their sight with his slanderous and discrediting words.
The Bible spells it out for us. This kind of activity is found among the wicked - those who do not know God.
Here are some thought-provoking questions for you to consider - Why are some Christians finding that their hearts have become the devil's workshop? How is it that the "believer in Jesus"  is sneakily trying to "get even" with another? And what about the "saint of God" who is now gloating over doing harm to others?
Is this message for you? Are you guilty of such wickedness?
What are you going to do about it?
If you don't repent and change your ways, then God will have no other choice than to cast you aside as an "abomination" with the wicked.
Is this what you want?
You do know that the wicked - unless they repent - are headed for Hell, don't you?
May God Bless His Word.