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Yesterday, I received a notice from Paypal saying that I was being charged to the Shell Co. ( I believe it is located in Australia and I live in Amercia)for a certain plan that I bought for $12.00. I never purchased anything of the kind. Somehow someone got into my Paypal account - past the password - and using connie@walkingintruth.org - ordered a $12.00 plan from the Shell Co.

First of all, I cannot understand how they got into my account for even my husband and son don't know my password. I am the only one who knows it and never give it out to anyone.

I do thank the Lord Jesus that I did have enough money in my account to cover this amount for this money had been taken out of my bank account. I will get it all back - after Paypal is through with their investigation.

I am asking all of you on my mailing list that you will agree with me in prayer that this unauthorized transaction will fall into the hands of the FBI. Paypal assured me that they will pass it onto law enforcement. The FBI has ways and means of finding the source behind fraudulant activities. If it doesn't go as far as their office, I will be sure to report it myself. I want this person to be prosecuted for this.

No doubt it was someone who hates God, His Word, and His Ministers - but Saints - this is a cruel joke! 

Will you pray with me that God will deal with the guilty party - and yes, in the end, that they will be saved?

Thanks so much.

Lifting y'all up in prayer on this Wonderful Prayer Day.

Have a BLESSED DAY in Jesus.