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First of all, I want to thank all of you who have prayed for me and my Paypal account situation(Someone hacked into my Paypal account and made an order for $12.00 from my bank account). I cannot tell you the frustration that I have felt over the last few days. I had been on the phone for hours a day trying to resolve this problem with Paypal. I had to start all over again and send in documents to prove my identity. It was quite an ordeal.

This morning someone on my mailing list attempted to send me their tithe, and they received a notice saying that the attempt failed because I was not able to receive any funds at this time. Well, you can imagine the shock it was to me to hear this - after all I had been going through over the past few days.

I immediately called Paypal and was notified that someone made a second attempt to hack into my account today. It may have been the same person trying again or someone else. So Paypal immediately put a restraint on my account as a result.

Perhaps there were others of you who attempted to send money via Paypal and ran into the same problem.

I changed my password for the third time and my account is ready to go. So, if you tried before and ran into a "wall," please try now and you should get through.

Please pray with me that this individual or individuals who are trying to hack into my Paypal account and steal money from my bank account will be stopped.  I never had this problem before. I know that this nothing but the devil trying to wear me down mentally, emotionally, and physically. And also to distract me from writing my Bible messages.

But the Lord is my strength and salvation. He is my defense. And what the devil means for evil, He will turn it around for my good.

I almost feel sorry for the individual who is messing with me. God is longsuffering, but He is also just. He will not put up with people harassing His servants.

May the fear of the Lord come upon any and all who attempt to give God's children any troubles and oppose the work of the Lord. 

Thanks for your prayers, and thanks to all for your financial support. 

Have a GREAT DAY in Jesus.