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I am so sorry that the Prayer time for Wednesday was delayed for a few days. I had so many things to tend to at the time that I could not devote myself to praying for your needs. So I want to announce in this e-mail that we will have it tomorrow - Friday - August 17, 2007.

Start sending in your Prayer Requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org and don't forget - as always - to send in your Praise Reports to - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
First of all, I want to share some of the comments that came in since the last Prayer Time. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see that lives are being constantly changed through these Bible Messages. If you support this ministry with your financial gifts, I want you to see first hand how God is using your money.
I heard a Preacher make the comment this morning that the "anointing" on your life is not measured by how loud you preach or how many people fall down when you pray for them. It is measured by your "fruit" afterwards - the lives that are changed for God's glory. When the Holy Spirit is at work, something happens - lives are definitely transformed.
Here are  some of the comments that have come through just this past week -
dear Connie ,
                    thank you so much  for the word of God i'm getting everyday,as i speak my relationship with God is not consistent but as i read from all the articles you've been sending really rekindles all that's been lost.
                                                    once again thank you,
This devotional is without a doubt the truth.  May many be blessed by the true word of God through your devotionals.  I forwarded this devotional to many  hoping they would subscribe to your devotionals.  Connie there are so many who seem to not take the true word of God at heart.  They have not a clue what it means to have an intimate, personal relationship with Christ.  Good works will not get us to heaven, though our Father desires us to work for the needy.  We must love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and each other.  Simply falling in love with Jesus keeps her thoughts and ways Christ like.  May God Bless Forever and Ever, 
Well put Connie.  I have been struggling with some sins in my own life.  I have known these verses for years, but to put them into practice like this (with prayer), may help me to overcome what I have been struggling with.  Thank you for your Devotions.  I know you are busy.  They hit right to the heart.
Here are two Praise Reports that came in since our last Prayer Time. Let's rejoice at what the Lord Jesus did. He is such a Compassionate and Caring Savior -
I thank the Lord that I am not homeless any more. I thank the Lord that my son will
be living with me this school year. I thank the Lord that he has given me more love
for everyone. I thank the Lord for his deliverance in my life. I thank the Lord for
you being here for me and praying for me!
Dear Connie,

Thank you for praying for the little boy, Demetrius, who got hit by a car yesterday
in front of my house.  God is so Awesome and Good.  He had a concussion, but no
broken bones in his skull or bleeds in his brain (Amazing).  He did break his
clavicle and may have torn his ACL in his knee.  But all these injuries are healable
and will not leave any lasting damage.
We must never forget that the God we serve is LOVE personified. He loves each and every one of you. He knows your name...He sees you when you fall...He sees each tear that falls - and you know what? He cares! He cares! He surely cares! He is right there with you. Your burdens are not burdensome to Him. He wants you to give them to Him. He can handle them.
If you haven't done so - why not get away some time today and just pour out your heart before Him? Perhaps there are some of you whose hearts have become so hardened because you haven't cried in a long time. Let it all out! Stop trying to cover up the pain! Give it to Jesus! He knows pain more than anyone else does!
Let's all go to the Cross and lay down any burdens at its foot. The Blood of Jesus can certainly turn your burdens into blessings. Just imagine all of those burdens that you are carrying turning into blessings or presents. In fact, I just saw that in a vision as I was typing. I saw a vision of people taking their heavy burdens and dumping them at the foot of the Cross. As they walked away, the burdens turned into the biggest presents(like Birthday presents) with their names on them.
Let's celebrate Christmas in August. What I mean by that is - as you lay your burdens down, expect to get the biggest present in return with your name on it.
I am excited! How about you?
Be sure to send in your requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org

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