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Can You Hear The Cries Of Suffering Humanity?
All around you are people who are hurting. Do you care? What are you doing about it?
Can you imagine anyone having the following thoughts -
"Let the day of my birth be cursed," he said, "and the night when I was conceived. Let that day be forever forgotten. Let it be lost even to God, shrouded in eternal darkness. Yea, let the darkness claim it for its own, and may a black cloud overshadow it. May it be blotted off the calendar, never again to be counted among the days of the month of that year. Let that night be bleak and joyless. Let those who are experts at cursing curse it. Let the stars of the night disappear. Let it long for light, but never see it, never see the morning light."
Believe it or not! These are the words of Job - the man whom the Bible records as fearing God and avoiding all evil. 
Whether people are saints or sinners, they may be suffering bitterly.
Some questions to ask yourself are - are you sensitive to the Holy Spirit to feel their pain? And if so, what are you doing about it?
What do you say to someone who is feeling like this?
Job 3:3 says - "Let the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said, There is a man child conceived." Here was a man who felt that his conception was a spring of sorrows. In the most vehement and impassioned manner, he expressed the fact that he wished he never was born. His sorrow was so acute. Hence, with the language of a man who felt that he could bear no more, he expressed his wish that the day he was born would be blotted out of the calendar. In the East, the birth of a male was a matter of joy. But not in his case.
Job 3:4 says - "Let that day be darkness; let not God regard it from above, neither let the light shine upon it." Oh! That the sun had never risen upon the day of his birth! Oh! That the day would be as dark as the night! Oh! That God would never inquire after this day but forever forget it! 
Job 3:5 says - "Let darkness and the shadow of death stain it; let a cloud dwell upon it; let the blackness of the day terrify it." He wished that the deepest of darkness - everything that would render this day gloomy and obscure - would rest upon the day of his birth...that darkness would occupy it or defile and pollute it - making it a frightful, dismal day.  
Job 3:6 says - "As for that night, let darkness seize upon it; let it not be joined unto the days of the year, let it not come into the number of the months." He wished that constant and the deepest of darkness would take it - seize it as its own...that no star would arise upon it...and that it would know unbroken and uninterrupted gloom. He wished that the night that he was born would be erased from the calendar and not be reckoned among the days which make up the number of the months.
Job 3:7 says - "Lo, let that night be solitary, let no joyful voice come therein." In other words, let that night be unfruitful, sterile, barren, and unproductive. Let it be a night devoid of any business or meetings of friends, neighbors, or relations for amusement, congratulations, or praise. Let no sounds of rejoicing or pleasure be heard therein.
Job 3:8 says - "Let them curse it that curse the day, who are ready to raise up their mourning." Call for the professional mourners who mourn for the dead and have them mourn for me. My affliction is so painful that I wish for them to curse my own birthday.
Job 3:9 says - "Let the stars of the twilight thereof be dark; let it look for light, but have none; neither let it see the dawning of the day." Let thick darkness cover the day of my birth - not allowing it to be relieved by the light of a single star.
These words sound rather depressing, don't they?
Do you believe that they are actually recorded in the Bible for all to see and read? Why would the Holy Spirit place them in there?
Could it be that He wanted you and me to be aware of suffering humanity?
What is your reaction to such depression of soul? Do you feel like saying to the individual - "Hey! Lighten up! Get rid of the depression! Look on the brighter side of life!"
Do you really believe that it is that easy?
Are you aware that there are people all around you who are entertaining such thoughts?
What are you doing about it?
Are you yet convinced that you need the power of the Holy Spirit in your life to be able to - first of all - sense other's pain and then to be able to minister to them?
You would be surprised who is hurting around you.
Why not cry out to God for a deep burden - His burden - for suffering humanity?
And then watch Him bring you one Divine Appointment after another.
Remember - this life is not all about you! It's about reaching people - Whom Jesus happens to love dearly - with the Gospel.
When was the last time that you wept with those who are weeping?
May God Bless His Word.