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Friday will once again be our day of Prayer at Walking In Truth Ministry. Send in your requests at - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org and be sure to also send in your Praise Reports at - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
There is a very familiar adage that says - "Prayer Changes Things." Do you consider this statement to be true? 
To help you answer this question, we would like to remind you of a Scripture found in Hebrews 7:25 which says - "Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them." In essence what is being said here is that this same Jesus - Who died on the Cross for your sins and rose again from the dead - now lives to make intercession for you. He is always and forevermore praying for you. He is mindful of your needs and suffering and has the power to do something about it. 
That is why we have the saying - "Prayer Changes Things." For it is when an earthly intercessor hooks up with the Heavenly Intercessor on behalf of another, that things begin to happen. Circumstances change, and Miracles erupt.
Read some of the Praise Reports that came in since last Wednesday and let your Faith arise for your Miracle and Breakthrough.
Dear Connie,

  Just wanted to let you know that my husband's tests for bladder cancer were

negative. PRAISE THE LORD!
Just about three months ago, I sent in a prayer request regarding my

father who was hospitalised and was very sick.  I am happy to announce

to you that your prayers were answered.  My Dad has been discharged from

the hospital. In fact his recovery was quicker than the Doctors

expected.  I know it is the Lord that did it. 

Thank you so much for interceding on his behalf.  May the Lord bless

Sunday morning was wonderful. My husband went to church with me and the

kids. PRAISE GOD! Not only did he go to church, he participated by

standing during worship time, singing and clapping his hands. Also

during the service, the pastor ask the congregation if any of us had

been through tough times and trials in our marriages and families that

the trials actually made us stronger, my husband raised his hand. I

about fell out of my seat. I wanted to rejoice so loudly.

Then on Wednesday, my husband was advising me of a phone conversation

that he had with our youngest son's football coach. They had been

conversing due to Dylan had decided not to play football and they were

trying to coordinate for the coach to come over and try and talk Dylan

into playing. Rick told me that he advised the coach " I am not going to

make my son play football, however, I am not going to put my wife, my

other son, nor myself in position we were in last night dealing with

Dylan about him quitting." Rick was trying to keep myself and our son

away from the negative attitudes. He was looking out for me and Michael.

WOW.. ( Which Dylan did decide to play). Later that evening we received

a call from our oldest son who was at a scrimmage cross-country meet. He

called with so much excitement and joy in his voice. Michael spoke to

his father and let him know that he had placed 7th overall and 3rd from

his team, which qualified him for the Varsity squad. Rick told me when

he got off the phone with Michael that he almost cried. Coming from

Rick, that is huge. Rick's heart is being softened without him evening

knowing it. Not only that, but we could not have imagined that 2 years

ago our son Michael would be where he is today. Lastly but not least,

because I know more praises are coming.. Dylan went to the youth group

for the middle school kids and had a great time. To know Dylan, you

would understand why this is such a huge praise. This is from a kid, who

is still questioning God and whether he is real. He has never wanted to

go to church or church functions on his own and this was his decision to

go. Granted the youth group went to a baseball game and that is how they

lured him, but it was a time of fellowship with other youth in the


I know more and more praises are coming. Everyday is another day of

areas of restoration in our marriage and family. I can't thank God

enough for the joy of blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family
Isn't it exciting what God did for these individuals and families? 
I know that many of you are believing for a healing for yourself or for a loved one. Also, 
there are those of you who are believing for the restoration of your marriage and family. 
Allow the Holy Spirit to take these Praise Reports 
and build your Faith for your particular situation. 
Hurry and send in your requests to - 

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Thank You & God Bless.