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Lord, Don't Let Me Think As The World Thinks!
Do you oftentimes hear yourself saying - "I try and try to have Great Faith for Miracles, but what hinders me from getting answers to prayer? I know that God can do anything, and nothing is impossible with Him. But, I am just not sure if He will perform the impossible for Me."
Are these your sentiments? Then, this message is a special Word from the Lord for you today!
We all live in a topsy-turvy world - a world that is so different from the Kingdom of God.
One major difference is the fact that this world system - as under the direction of Satan - is run by the principle of "respect of persons." Everywhere that we look, we see that people are preferred or rejected on the basis of outward features or circumstances. Whether it be in the family, on the job, in the grocery line, on the highway, or - sad to say - even in the church, people are given special favors due to some outward characteristic. They may not necessarily be qualified for the job or position or even deserve the favor, yet they are preferred before others. Hence, we are brought up from childhood with the ingrained concept that the pretty, handsome, outspoken, bubbly, uninhibited, rich, talented, super-intelligent, successful, etc. are preferred - while the opposites are oftentimes totally rejected.
In this dog-eat-dog world, we find ourselves struggling from the very start to find our place. Through gruesome competition to overcome our so-called shortcomings, we try to "keep up with the Joneses" - so to speak. We either refuse to allow this plague of rejection to slow us down or keep us from our goals, or else we do as so many have done - give up even trying and settle for the status quo.
Words that were spoken to us from childhood seem to plague our minds -
"You're stupid!"
"You're ugly!"
"You're fat!"
"You're not talented like so-and-so!"
"You'll never amount to anything!"
"You can't do that!"
"You're not cut out for that work!"
"Just face it! You're a loser!"
"You never finish what you started!"
"You'll always be poor!"
"You can't climb up in this company!"
"You can't sing, teach, preach, express yourself, etc. like so-and-so!"
"You're the wrong color!"
"You were born on the wrong side of the tracks!"
"You come from the wrong family!"
"Just face it! Nobody in your family ever accomplished anything for God!"
"There are no Preachers in your family!"
"You don't know enough!"
"You have a low IQ!"
"You haven't finished school!"
"You don't have a college degree!"
"You are always messing up!"
The negatives go on and on and on! All throughout life, you are either told outrightly or indirectly that you just don't match up with others - you simply are not good enough!
One day, however, things drastically change. You discover that there is Someone Who loves and accepts you unconditionally. That Someone is none other than the Lord Jesus. His Awesome Love overwhelms you. You almost find it hard to believe that He would be so different from this world. Your heart is won by His Love to the point where you totally surrender your entire life to Him - Jesus, the Lover of your soul!
But, as you grow in His ways, you find that you go through "various and sundry" trials and temptations. During these times, your Faith is sorely tested. And, at the end of each trial, you realize that you failed to trust this Loving Redeemer!
Such guilt and condemnation floods your heart and mind! What is it? Why can't I trust such a One Who loves and accepts me - just the way I am! What hinders my Faith in believing for Miracles like other Christians do?
There is one thing that stands in your way!
You know that the Scripture plainly and clearly says - "For there is no respect of persons with God"(Romans 2:11). Yet, each time that you are presented with an extremity - which is nothing more than an opportunity for God's power to be demonstrated in your life - you fall short in Faith. You simply cannot believe that God will do a Miracle for someone like you!
It is as if you are surrounded by the "wall of Jericho" which is so high that you cannot see over it and so broad that you cannot get around it. Each time, your Faith falls short.
You want so badly to believe, but without fail, something always seems to hinder you!
The Holy Spirit has a Healing Word for you today!
He is shouting from the rooftops - "For there is no respect of persons with God!"
Even though you live in a world that prefers one class of people and rejects another, God does not operate that way! You must see that!
He is not rejecting you because you are not pretty...handsome...smart...rich...or even spiritual enough. He does not conduct His kingdom as Satan handles this world system.
God loves you and wants to perform the Miracle that you so desperately need today!
Trust Him and believe Him to do it!
Realize one thing - Your Miracle has nothing to do with any outward feature or circumstance of yours. It has everything to do with God's Amazing Grace!
Even though the world may reject you for another, God doesn't. He loves you more than words can express. You can never be good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc. in order to win His favor.
Realize this - His favor or grace is unmerited. You will never deserve it! No one can or ever will! It is a free gift for you - not because you are so good, but because Jesus is so good!  HALLELUJAH!
Receive this Grace!
Don't let anything stop you from believing for your Miracle!
Get a hold of the word of the Lord to you today and let it get a hold of you.
Repeat it a thousand times wherever you go until it sinks down deep into your spirit and totally transforms your way of thinking - "For there is no respect of persons with God."
God said it!
That settles it!
Now, believe it and receive your Miracle today!
May God Bless His Word.