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I am so sorry that I didn't announce a Prayer Time for this week. So much was going on that I simply did not get around to announcing it in time. We will be sure to have one starting next week. In the meantime, I will be  lifting all of you up in prayer. Jesus will hear and answer.
I wanted to ask you if you are receiving all of my messages. My oldest sister wrote and said that she had not received any of my messages this week. Will you please let me know if you are not getting all of my messages? I would appreciate that very much.
I wanted to relate to you a vision that my husband Carl had in church this past Sunday. During the worship time, he happened to look up to the front of the church and, directly above one of the musicians, he saw an open vision of people in the flames of Hell. He said that the people were screaming and crying out - "Nobody ever told me about this terrible place." They kept on repeating these same words over and over again. Carl said that he wept as he saw the vision and then afterwards.
This past Wednesday at the Midweek Service at our church, one of the Pastors played a recording of children crying and screaming out to God for lost souls and also for more of Jesus in their lives. I had never heard anything like this before in all of my life. Toward the end of the tape, the power of God hit me and I began to tremble and cry uncontrollably. I had to place my hand over my mouth so that I would not disturb this Pastor in his teaching. For the whole hour, I could not get the sounds of those precious children's screams and cries  out of my heart and mind. On Thursday, I could hardly keep my mind on my work. I waited on the Lord all day and afterwards, He spoke one word to me - "Preparation." He showed me that He is a God of preparation. Look through the Scriptures, and you will find that He doesn't do anything without preparing the groundwork, our hearts, or His people.
In our church, our Pastor - for the past month - had been preaching to us about the Harvest. He had been following the leading of the Lord. I wonder how many other Pastors had been doing the same. 
It's Harvest time, Saints!
People are going to Hell, and Jesus is very concerned about it.
The question is - are we as concerned?
We, at Walking In Truth Ministry, have been preparing. Last week, my webhost set up a special e-mail account for me called -
soulsavingstation@walkingintruth.org  I felt led of the Lord to set this particular account up for us. I know that we need to stir each other up in the Faith. By doing this, prayerfully, we will all feel stirred to evangelize our "neck of the woods" - so to speak.

So, if you encounter a Divine Appointment... have an opportunity to witness to someone...or lead someone to Jesus, we want to hear about it. We ask that you would send us your testimony. Please make it very short. I will then share it with all on my mailing list.
Let's get stirred up about souls! Let's see how many people we can lead to the Lord each week!  
Pastors, you ought to be the first to have a testimony! And we don't mean those who come down to the altar in your church. Tell us about how many souls you led to the Lord at the gas station...the barber shop...the mechanics shop...or the hospital.
C'mon, Saints! This is not just the work for the Evangelists! We are all called to witness for Jesus.
Remember the vision that my husband Carl saw? We will all stand before God some day and give account for all the souls that we failed to warn of that Godforsaken place. 

Whose blood will you allow to be on your hands on the Day of Judgment? 

May the Lord Jesus give each and every one of you countless Divine Appointments and then many souls for His kingdom.
God Bless.

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