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Who Can Sound This Depth?
"Do all our sheaves make obeisance to His in the field of life and love?" - Pulpit Commentary  - Old Testament
This is an excellent question that we need to ask ourselves.
Are all our sheaves making obeisance to Jesus' in this field that we call "life"? In other words, does everything in our life line up with His Word? Said another way - Is Jesus truly the Lord of every area of our lives as we so boldly contend in the face of this ungodly world?
It's so easy to boast, isn't it? It's so easy to be religious and sound religious. It seems nowadays that everyone is doing it. If we didn't know better according to the Bible, we would almost have to believe that just about everyone (at least in America) is saved. People just know how to quote the right Scriptures at the right time in front of the right people to make the right impression.
But, our question is - "Do all their sheaves make obeisance to His in the field of life and love?"
It's "time-out" for "playing church" and "playing games" with God. I have news for some folk - God ain't playin!!!!!
There is one Scripture in the Bible that seems to say it all about the Lord Jesus. In fact, this Scripture (in our opinion) seems to say it all. It also is a Scripture that separates the sheep from the goats...the men from the boys...and the real from the hypocrites in the church.
That Scripture is Colossians 1:18 which says - "And He is the head of the body, the church: Who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence." What that simply means is that the Lord Jesus - in the universe as well as the church - is first in rank, dignity, honor, and power. Consequently, He is to hold first place, take the precedency, or be the chief over all  creation. And especially in His church - His people - He is to have the supremacy in their affections and confidence. He is to have the preeminence in their hearts above the world and the flesh.
Does He? Does He have the supremacy in the hearts of His church?
"Do all their sheaves make obeisance to His in the field of life and love?"
Let's look for a minute at what the Bible says about this Jesus Whom they call Lord and Master.
This is what God said about Him in Isaiah 52:13 - "Behold, My servant shall deal prudently, He shall be exalted and extolled, and be very high." Here God used two verbs and one verb phrase to express the height and glory of Jesus' exaltation. Because of His resurrection, ascension, and placement at the right hand of God, He is "exalted," "extolled," and made "very high." He had been exalted by His Father when He raised Him from the dead, gave Him glory, and then placed Him at His right hand - giving Him all power over heaven and earth. He committed all judgment into His hands and required that all men honor Him as they do Him as Father God. Resultantly, Jesus is extolled by His people in their hearts, thoughts, and affections for purchasing the gift of salvation for them. With God and men, He is made "very high" - higher than the kings of the earth, the angels of heaven, and even the heavens themselves.  
Song of Solomon 5:10 addressed Him as - "...the chiefest among ten thousand." What this means is that He is celebrated as the leader over ten-thousand warriors...the captain or chief of the whole...the tallest and comeliest of the company...and conspicuous above all.
In the fourth Gospel, the Apostle John wrote of Him - "He that cometh from above is above all...He that cometh from heaven is above all"(John 3:31) and "The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into His hand"(John 3:35). Here we see it written of Him that He is "above all" in nature, rank, and authority. That means that He is superior even to Moses and the Prophets. His is a divine nature and origin. He is "above all" persons and things. He is "above all" teachers and messengers. "All things" have been placed into His hands. That includes "all power"(Matthew 28:18) as well as the destinies of men.
Because He is the Supreme Sovereign of the universe, it only stands to reason that all men should follow Him. 

But, do they? And, if not, why not?
"Do all their sheaves make obeisance to His in the field of life and love?"
What is it that causes them to not believe or resist Who the Bible says He is?
"In all things," He is to have the preeminence in your life. Why then, does He still not have control over your affections, thought life, relationships, finances, habits, attitudes, mannerisms, conversations, or beliefs?
In his Explanatory Notes on Colossians 1:18, John Wesley made this comment - "Who can sound this depth?" Who can really understand or comprehend the truths behind this particular verse - "...that in all things He might have the preeminence"?
One thing we all know for certain is this - when we stand before God on Judgment Day, we will be asked if we did that which this verse is talking about. And our answer better be - "Yes!"
God did not say that His Son - the Lord Jesus - should have the preeminence in some things. After all, some would argue - "No one is perfect!"
He clearly stated that His Son is to have first place in "all things" - and that includes "all things" pertaining to His people - the church.
He is to hold first place in the affections of their hearts...the contemplations of their minds... and the desires of their souls.
Just one more thought - God is not impressed with seeing some sheaves making obeisance to Jesus when He requires - "all."
May God Bless His Word.