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And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful
"All that God does or makes has wonder in it...the world is a world of wonders." - Charles Spurgeon
"Men's works are little, common trifling things, and even these they could not do without Him. But God does all by His own power, and they are wondrous things which He does and such as will be the eternal admiration of saints and angels."
- Matthew Henry
The word "wonderful" in the Scriptures refers to that which is separated from the ordinary...distinguished...or made great. It is applied to anything great or wonderful as a Miracle - anything suited to excite amazement or wonder. This is what Isaiah had in mind when he wrote of the Lord Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 - "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful..."  
Notice what he said here.
"For unto us a child is born"
"unto us a son is given"
"A child...born" speaks of one's humanity. "A son is given" would generally confirm the first statement. However, in this particular case, the Prophet Isaiah was not referring to any son. He was referring to God's only begotten Son...the Son of God...the Son of His love. This "son" was given by God...had His nature...and was God Himself.
"For unto us a child is born"
"unto us a son is given"
Here we have something that is almost too "wonderful" for words! We have God and man in one person - having two separate natures which differed from each other yet were united. 
We have the Incarnation! God in man! 
Now, what could be more "wonderful" than that! What excites more wonder and amazement than that concept!
And to think that God became a man for us - "For unto us a child is born" and "unto us a son is given."  
Nonetheless, the Incarnation is not the only thing that is "wonderful" about the Lord Jesus. For as we read through the Scriptures, we find other things about Him that are too "wonderful" for words, such as - the manner of His birth...the direction of the wise men to Him by a star and then their worship of Him...His preservation from the cruelty of Herod...disputation with the doctors in the temple at the age of twelve...  living clean and obscure for thirty years...baptism in the Jordan River...temptation in the wilderness...transfiguration on the mount, etc. The list goes on and on of occurrences in His life that are too "wonderful" for words.
What was most "wonderful" was His death on the cross, His resurrection from the dead, and then His ascension to the right hand of the Father.
What about His works, His words, and His love? Who can speak of such "wonderful" things - which strike awe and astonishment in the hearts of His people? 
It is no wonder that the Prophet Isaiah heard the word of the Lord saying - "...and His name shall be called Wonderful..."(Isaiah 9:6).
For He is "great, and doest wondrous things"(Psalm 86:10). He is God alone.
He is the "Lord God, the God of Israel, Who only doeth wondrous things"(Psalm 72:18).  
With "His right hand, and His holy arm," He "hath done marvelous things"(Psalm 98:1).
He is "LORD" and "God" - so worthy to be praised - because He "hast done wonderful things"(Isaiah 25:1).
Stop and think about what is being said here.
Not only is He God, but He happens to be your God. His "right hand" and His "holy arm" had gotten Him the victory. Hence, He is able to do "marvelous" or "wonderful" things on your behalf. He is the Lord God of Israel Who is the Only One Who can do "wondrous things." In fact, that is all that He is able to do - "wondrous things." He can never do otherwise. In other words, He cannot help but do Miracles for He is singled out as the One True Wonder-Worker.
He has done "wonderful things"...He only does "wonderful things"...and He will always do "wonderful things."
It all goes back to the prophecy which the Prophet Isaiah had concerning Him - "...and His name shall be called Wonderful..."
When was the last time that you called Him by this name?
When was the last time that you called on Him for a Miracle?
Always remember - His name is "Wonderful."
The songwriter said it this way -
"His Name is Wonderful
His Name is Wonderful
His Name is Wonderful
Jesus, my Lord.
He is the Mighty King
Master of everything
His Name is Wonderful
Jesus my Lord."
Therefore, all over the Internet let us sing -
"O come let us adore Him...
O come let us adore Him...
O come let us adore Him...
Christ the Lord."
May God Bless His Word.