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Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our Day of Prayer. Please remember to get your requests in before then. 
Send them to prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org.  
Also, as soon as your answer to prayer comes in, we ask that you would submit a Praise Report at 
The following were some of the Praise Reports that came in last week - 
I asked you to pray for my family and THANK  GOD HE ANSWERED PRAYER.  Jan. 4th I

went out with my two daughters and one grandson and had a great day with much

talking and laughter and discussions about funeral arrangements etc.  On Dec. 27 I

was out with my eldest daughter and grandson for supper and again it turned out

fantastic  .  Prior to this time we were barely speaking for well over a year.  I

just want to praise God He is awesome.  I have had a wonderful time this Christmas

season.  Yesterday I had to speak to the management about my right eye pulling and

if she didn't move my room mate to another room as she feels I was not getting my

proper rest so  I don't know how this came about but GOD works in mysterious ways. 

Praise Him  Thank you for your prayers. 
Please know that in response to a storming of the gates of heaven, God answered a

prayer request sent to you last week.  My ex-husband,  whom I've been praying would

return to the Lord and then come home, is attending church, heard a sermon on

forgiveness, and called me Sunday to let me that :By the way, I thought I'd let you

know that I've forgiven you for everything".  (I was contentious and controlling)

back in the day before my walk with Jesus.)






  I will continue sending my requests in.  May God continue to take back ground that

head been yielded to the enemy through unforgiveness.!!!




The Lord Jesus has done great things and we give Him all of the Praise. Even if you submitted 
a request last week and have not seen the answer yet, send it in again. We will continue to 
join our faith with yours until the answer comes. 
Lastly, I ask y'all to also remember this ministry - Walking In Truth Ministry - in your prayers. 
I have seen great breakthroughs - even since last weeks' prayer time. God is moving mightily by 
His Spirit. But there is so much more ground that needs to be possessed.  And the needs are great 
at this time. 
I also ask that you would pray - especially for our protection - because since last week's prayer time, 
we have had several "close calls." We know that we were effective by the attacks that came forth 
God bless each and every one of you this day with great breakthroughs for His name's sake. 



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