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I wanted to quickly share some Praise Reports with you that came in as a result of last Wednesday's Prayer Time.
In the first Praise Report, the following prayer request came forth last Tuesday - 1/2/07 - 
Please pray for Vincent Navarra, my daughter's father-in-law, dying of congestive heart failure.79 years old.
Thank you , In Jesus Love
And this is the Praise Report that came in this past Tuesday - 1/9/07 - in answer to that specific request -
Thank you all  for praying for the salvation of   Vincent Navarra that I requested  last Wednesday . Our prayers were answered!    Hallelujah! .  This evening at the hospital,  , he prayed the prayer of salvation with his son  and my daughter.  , Our Lord Jesus heard everyone's prayers! He is now born-again!! .
Thank you all so much. God bless each and every one of you. In Jesus Love, 
Isn't that awesome? Look what Jesus did for this precious man! How we praise Him for His goodness and love!
Now here are some more Praise Reports that came in following last week's Prayer time - 1/3/07 -
well brothers & sisters, the LORD surely answers prayers in strange ways. i asked

for prayer that my husband would get outside employment ,well, i applied for a job

in home health care & was hired immediately !  Thank You Jesus. Am still praying he

will get work because the creditors call now . Thank you so much. And, i appreciate

Walking in Truth more than i ever would imagine. 
We are receiving praise reports from Duke Medical Center!!!!!


  Nzurek lungs are looking better said the doctor, we know it's the prayers.(He's

six years old and Lakin is his sister)

  Nzurek heart is stronger! Praise God!!!!


  Lakin came through three hours of surgery-doing great she is one week old today!!!


  Keep Praying!!!

I just wanted to assure all of you that sent in requests for this past Wednesday - 1/10/07 - 
that all had been prayed for. There were close to 100 requests that came in and all were read out
loud and prayed for individually. We called out every name and need before the Throne of Grace. 
In all, it took about 5 hours to pray through every request. Resultantly, we are expecting miracles 
to come your way. Please let us know as soon as the answer comes at answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org 
I also wanted to let you know what happened at the Tarrant County Jail this past Tuesday night. A girl 
was just brought in to my pod. I invited her to my Bible Study. I could immediately see by her eyes 
that she was either high on dope or demon possessed. During my study, she kept interjecting nonsensical 
statements. Especially at the end of the lesson, she began to rattle off the most insane things. As we 
closed in prayer, I bound, rebuked, and cast the devils our of her. I kept my eyes open because I wasn't
sure what would happen next. I noticed that her entire countenance changed. She became very peaceful and 
tears began to fill her eyes. At this point, I leaned toward her and said, "Oh! Won't you please give 
your heart to the Lord Jesus? He loves you and died on the cross for your sins." You have to understand - 
right before I cast the devils out of her - I asked her the same question and could not get her to stop her 
constant gibberish. Now that the devils were out, she was so calm. She readily surrendered to the call of 
salvation and prayed the Sinner's Prayer with me. Hallelujah! 
As I was leaving the jail, I met a young woman standing in the cold by herself. My first impression was 
to reach for my Gospel booklets and give her one. But I realized that I had given them all away upstairs 
in the jail. I approached her and told her that I had something that I would like to give her. She could 
see by my badge that I was one of the chaplains. Our car was parked right across the street so she 
followed me to the car where I gave her a Gospel booklet. Seeing the booklet. she then proceeded to 
tell me the Good News that she had just accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior several minutes 
ago in the "A" pod. One of the chaplains led her in that prayer. Within seconds of praying, she was called 
to the desk by the guard and told that she was released to go home. All of her charges had been dropped.
She was outside when I found her - standing in the cold and wondering how she was going to get home. 
Then I showed up. To make a long story short, we took her home - right to the front door. Look how God 
took care of His little lamb who just got saved. The whole time in the car on the way home she kept 
rejoicing that she was free and praising God for His hand in blessing her that night. She promised me 
that I would see her in church very soon. Please pray for Jennifer that God will enable her to get 
"plugged in" to our church and surround herself with on-fire Christians.
 Wow! Can it get any better than this? It's so exciting serving the Lord Jesus!
One last thing - Yesterday morning(Wednesday- 1/10/07) as I was waiting on the Lord for His strength and 
anointing for the Day of Prayer ahead of me, I felt as though He gave me a word for some on my list. 
There are some on my mailing list to whom He has been speaking to support this ministry. You have 
not done so as of yet. The Lord Jesus told me to tell you that if you will release what is in your hand, 
He will - in turn - release what is in His hand - the very thing that you have been crying out to Him for. 
Now, remember - this is a word from the Lord for those who have been feeling His leading in financially 
supporting this ministry. You are holding back your own miracle. Your miracle is wrapped up in your 
obedience to Him. Why not obey Him today and see what He does for you? 
Have a GLORIOUS WEEKEND in Jesus! 
And remember - as soon as your answer to prayer comes - send your Praise Report to 
answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org so that we can all rejoice in what the Lord Jesus has done for you. 
God Bless.

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