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We at Walking In Truth Ministry(my husband Carl and I) had a glorious time this past Wednesday as we took each and every one of your requests before the Throne of Grace. There were over 100 requests that were sent in, and we took each one individually before the Lord in Faith believing for a Miracle.
We also want to inform you that we especially prayed for all those who support this Work of Faith. You are the ones who make it possible for me to minister by Word and Prayer.  Thank you so much. May God richly return your kindness into blessings innumerable.
Although I am so thankful for the ones who are faithful to send in their tithes and offerings into this ministry, I must say that they are only a few compared to the many who receive each day from this ministry. If you are one who does not tithe or know the blessing of giving to a work that is honoring God through the preaching and teaching of His Word and through intercessory prayer like this one, then I encourage you to start giving to this work. You are missing out. Throughout the Bible, you will see that Christians are admonished to give to the Work that feeds them or blesses them. Reports have it that so many Christians do not tithe or give at all. That is such a shame. The Lord Jesus Himself said - "...It is more blessed to give than to receive"(Acts 20:35) I cannot tell you the joy that we feel every Wednesday when we take your requests before the Lord. Even thou it takes hours(last week it took five hours) to get through each one, we take the time and seriously consider each one as though it were our own need.
Saints, there is such joy in giving unto others. And it is exciting to give of our resources to bless a Work of God that is experiencing the Power of God. We can write a book on all of the testimonies that came forth in our lives after we gave to a Ministry that is preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God.
God is a giver and wants His children to be just like Him. Let go of what is in your hands, and He will let go of what is in His hands.
Here are some of the Praise Reports that came in as a result of our Wednesday Prayer Times -

I had sent in a prayer request for my brother & wife's relationship and

praise God, He is moving in their lives.  I can see small changes but I

know more is on the way.  Thank you for your continuing prayer.  To God

Be The Glory.
Thanks to all who prayed for my surgery last week.  It was fine and I am now home

and healing.  The best part is that I found out how much I am blessed with loved

ones and friends.  All my life I have felt alone with no one but Jesus by my side

even with my own family but this week showed me how truly loved and blessed I am. 

Dozens of people called, visited, prayed, sent cards, and even my Sparks kids (2nd

grade) I teach on Wed. nights all made individual get well cards for me.  It took an

hour to read them all.  Thank you God for blessing me with family and friends here

and on the internet.  Thanks to this group for your prayers of healing.
God's continued protection over my health and healing for my eczema, gastric

problem and hepatitis C. Oh ya, talk about this, I must thank God and thank you

for praying. I used to feel feverish quite frequently, possibly because of my

hepatitis C problem. I have not had that sort of feeing for about two weeks

already, which I believe is due to your prayers and God answering your prayers for

Praise God she(our oldest daughter) went to church with my husband and I this past 
weekend and it was a divine appointment. They had the Lords Supper and we both 
participated in a foot washing and it was very humbling experience but powerful. 
Since then she has been filled with joy and reading her bible again and praying - 
I pray that will spread like fire though that house!
Rachel(a missionary to Israel and who is also my niece)made it safely back to Israel 
after her visit back in the States. Praise God! 
God is moving by His Spirit in miraculous ways. Your Miracle 
is on the way. Don't give up on the brink of a Miracle! God is 
still on the throne. 
The Scriptures tell us that - "...without faith it is impossible to 
please Him(God)..." (Hebrews 11:6).
Let's please our God by taking all the limits off of His power and believing 
for the absolute impossible to take place for His Glory and Honor. 
Have a GLORIOUS WEEKEND in Jesus. 

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