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Sheep In The Midst Of...
In Matthew 10:16, the Lord Jesus said - "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of..." In Proverbs 1:22, we find that "Wisdom" or the Gospel is being sent out to reach three classes of people - "How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?" As a Preacher of the Gospel or a witness for the Lord, these are the basic types of people that you will try to reach for the Lord. Let's look into each category and study them to see exactly what you are up against.
"ye simple ones" - These are the frivolous ones...weak simple men of shallow understandings...babes and sucklings who are ignorant of the law...simple and foolish people who are addicted to silly customs and usages and who love folly and darkness...naive and impressionable ones who are open to all kinds of influences - both good and bad...those who sport themselves in their own deceptions and flatter themselves in their own wickedness...those who are indifferent through their thoughtlessness and inconsiderateness...whose instability leads in the wrong direction... whose leading characteristic is the absence of good...as well as those who have not made up their minds about life or the direction they will take.
"scorners" - These are the free-thinkers...the ones who despise as well as reject truth...the ones who mock at all good, scoff at Christianity, and contemn God's Word and His ministers...the ones who make a jest of everything that comes their way...who treat wise counsel with contempt...scorn to submit to the truths and laws of Christ...take pride in running down everything that is sacred and serious...and are the contentious ones who offer a hard resistance to any change for the better.
"fools" - These are the ones who senselessly refuse instruction...are opinionated, conceited, hardened, obstinate, and perverse...have a rooted hatred for serious godliness...walk in the sight of their eyes and the imagination of their hearts...and are crooked and immoral.
God has one message for these folks and that is - "How long...?"
"How long" will the seducible, open-minded, and naive ones enjoy being stupid fools...love their childishness and gullibility...or wallow in ignorance?
"How long" will the mockers feed their cynicism by making fun of the knowledge and wisdom of God? 
"How long" will the unwise laugh at, hate, and refuse God's wisdom and counsel?
"How long...?"
"How long...?"
"How long...?"
This is what God is wondering. And this is the question that you should use to stir up their perverted minds.
The Lord Jesus said - "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of..."
...the foolish, the mockers, and the ungodly.
Now that you know who you are dealing with - go reach them in the power of the Holy Spirit - informing them that the Lord Jesus greatly desires their conversion and reformation and not their ruin, but is much displeased with their obstinacy and delay.
May God Bless His Word.