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A Very Important Announcement From Connie
(Please read the entire e-mail.)
I would like to share a heavy burden that is on my heart at this time. My 25 year old son - John - (whose picture is attached to this e-mail) - has been feeling the Lord's call to attend Heartland School of Ministry - the Bible School at our church - this August. Steve Hill - the renowned evangelist and revivalist is the founder of this school. The fire of God is evident in the classrooms on a daily basis. It is a two year program.
John has saved up some money for the first semester. After that, he will have to depend upon the Lord to bring it in. Right now, he is working full-time and is helping to pay for half of the bills at our home.
As you can see, John is such a great help to my husband Carl and me. In so many different ways, he is a definite gift from God to us. We love him so very much. 
And I can honestly say that he and Carl play a significant role in this ministry. Because of their hard work and also the financial support of some very faithful saints on my mailing list, this ministry is able to reach across the globe and touch people's lives. Lives are being transformed every day. I get reports from people from all over the world attesting to this fact. You just wouldn't believe the places where my messages end up. For one, I have had inmates from prisons in California and other states write and tell me how God used me to bless their lives. Someone planted my messages in the various institutions and the inmates got a hold of them.
Since John will be going to school, he won't be able to work full time. He will have to move to part time work. That shortage of money to pay the bills will have to come from some other source.
At the present time, I have a couple thousand subscribers who receive my messages on a daily basis. And I only have a handful of financial supporters who faithfully send their tithes and offerings every month or bimonthly to keep this ministry going.
I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to the Lord and asked - why? Why is it that so many write all the time telling me that they are being extremely blessed by my messages and yet only a few respond with their financial gifts and offerings?
I have been doing this work since 2002. I have never had to ask people to tell me if they are getting anything from my messages. The responses literally flow into my Inbox. I kid you not. I have never wondered if God was using me in this Ministry. The evidence comes on a Daily Basis. I even have people sending in Prayer Requests and before mentioning the request, they will tell me how powerfully God is using these messages to change their lives.
Another thing that I can honestly say before God and for His glory is the fact that since 2002, I have never had anyone find fault with my doctrine or tell me that they disliked what I wrote. Never! It can all be backed up by the Scriptures. I have never received a negative report! And those that have to unsubscribe for some unforeseen reason, do it apologetically.
Something has to change here. I need your help. I cannot depend on a few to do the job that everyone should have a part in doing. It is not fair to those few supporters either. You are all reaping the benefits of the few sowers. And before God - that isn't right!
I don't have to tell you that! You know it isn't!
There was someone that sent me a $2.00 money order. That may not seem like alot, but to that person it was. And I believe God blessed that person in return.
For some of you to send me $2.00 would be criminal. For some others, it would be "the widow's mite."
Please help me with your gifts. Before writing this e-mail, I spent quality time crying out to Jesus for direction and help. I felt that He led me to write this message to you in response to my cries.
Please - whatever you do - do not harden your heart and give me a deaf ear. This Ministry cannot go on unless I get help.
I know that the people who subscribe to my mailing list are a chosen group. Not everyone wants to hear the Truth on Hell, Repentance, Judgment, Holiness, Soul Winning, etc. People want their ears tickled. But not this group. Like I said, I receive no negative reports and hardly ever get any unsubscriptions.
I am asking the Lord to touch your heart right now as you read this. I believe that everyone can do something. Some can do more than others.
If I have been a blessing to you - and you said I was - then I ask now that you would be a blessing to my family and I.
Please don't sit back and expect others to do your part. That happens so often in the Church, doesn't it? I am sure that all of the Pastors on my list would give out a hearty - "Amen!" - to that! When it comes to soul winning, praying meetings, etc. it is always the select few. That ought not to be! Jesus requires that we all do our part.
God has blessed many of you financially over the years. Out of your abundance, you can give generously.
I have such confidence in the Lord to speak to you and in you to obey His voice. I believe that everyone on my list wants to please the Lord more than words can tell.
We are a Body - and when one part hurts or lacks, the others feel it and run to the rescue. Oh! How that pleases the Lord when we do!
Will you please pray about being a financial supporter for this ministry? Even if you simply gave up a couple latte's or frappacino's at Starbucks for a week - that would be a great help.
One last thing - someone from Singapore sent Walking In Truth Ministry something in the mail. We neglected to get your return address. So as soon as you read this e-mail, if you will contact me via e-mail, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you ahead of time for all that you will do to help keep this ministry going - until Jesus comes!  
Remember - that Jesus is the glory and the lifter of your head! You are the Head and not the Tail! You are above and not beneath! God is working on your behalf - even right now!
Have a GREAT DAY in Jesus,        
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Thank You & God Bless.

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