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I have been feeling very sick for almost a week now. Somehow I contracted what I think is an Upper Respiratory Infection that has left me without a voice now for several days. Now, I have a terrible cough that is simply wiping me out - physically speaking. Before this time, I had been spending much time in prayer for my family and their needs as well as for the ministry. I entered into such spiritual warfare since last Tuesday. I think I overdid it and pushed myself beyond the limit. 
I just feel that it is the Lord's will for me to pull away from the computer for a few days and get some well needed rest. That means that I will not have a Prayer Time this Wednesday. That doesn't mean that I will not be praying for y'all. It is just that I will not be able to read and pray over your individual needs. Basically, I do remember the overall needs that come through so I will be lifting them up generally before the Lord. He knows every one of them and cares enough to step in and fix each problem.
I would appreciate your prayers at this time. It is so frustrating to not be able to talk for this length of time.  
Last Tuesday, I had such a wonderful time at the Tarrant County Jail. The girls at my table remarked that the time just simply went by too quickly - they were enjoying the study so much. I was, too. You could feel the Presence of Jesus the entire time. And I heard a special Praise Report of one of the inmates who I had prayed for who was totally delivered from demonic dreams. For the longest time, a certain demon would come to her at night and manifest. It would say - "Kill! Kill!" She said that it was the most frightening-looking being. She was even on psychiatric  pills because of this tormenting spirit. I had prayed for her - binding, rebuking, and casting out the devil - and for the longest time, she has not had any visitations from this evil spirit. Thank You, Jesus! Don't you just love to see people set free from demonic powers?   
After all of this, it was then on Wednesday that I was hit so hard with this sickness.
I know that I am healed by the stripes of Jesus. I am an overcomer over this "thing." I will come out of this stronger than ever - in Jesus' Name. The devil is a liar! "No weapon formed against me shall prosper..." I know that God is for me, and that He will - in due time - deal with all of my opposers and strivers.
Have a BLESSED DAY in Jesus.
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