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What Is Wrong With This Picture?
This is not my message for today. Actually, it is an intro to today's message.
As I was studying and preparing for today's message, I felt the burden of the Lord come upon me for His people. I kept seeing a picture that is not right in the eyes of God and should not sit right in ours as well.
Saints, it's time to get real with God and ourselves! God is not playing around - nor is He deceived or fooled! In Psalm 51:6, He states plainly and clearly - "Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts..."
For those who are in the ministry, you will understand what I am about to say. It is amazing what corruption lies in the hearts of God's people - especially when it comes to offering time! Oh! Don't get me wrong! Some at this time are so gracious and desiring to be a channel of blessing unto others. But then - on the other side - are those who show their true colors.
It is absolutely amazing what one offering will say about the true state of a man's heart. It is at this time when the hearts of men are surely revealed. Greed and covetousness surface immediately for the Lord Jesus said that that which is "hidden" would indeed be "known."(Matthew 10:26). These two sins simply cannot be concealed at this time. They rise to the surface at once.  Selfishness comes screaming out through the comments or words that proceed from the heart and out of the mouth.
Some who are wealthy immediately become "poor." They become "reduced." They become "in need." What do we mean by this? There are those who are "well-to-do" or "blessed of the Lord" who begin to give the impression that they simply do not have anything to give. What utter blindness covers their eyes - for instantly they become blinded to their paid-off ranch home, boat in the driveway, fancy car in the carport, or their "fat" bank account. All they can see is that they could not possibly "spare a dime" for the Lord's work because they have convinced themselves that they are "hurting" financially and, resultantly, hold on tightly to every dime that they have.
Like the "rich man" in the Bible, they just "built bigger barns"(Luke 12:18) for all of their stuff - they moved into a larger home to accommodate their "abundance" - but they have nothing to spare or share with another(?!).
Oh! Don't misunderstand us here! Some will and do give - when the occasion arises - only if they can get something in return - like the latest teaching tapes from Doctor "Wolf," a supply of holy water from a well in Bethlehem, or a Bible signed by the most renowned Preacher of the day.
Then there are others who - when the offering plate is passed - are the first to complain about the Preacher asking for money. After all, they strongly believe that he should exercise modesty - while they and the other children of God live in excess and luxury.
What is wrong with this picture?
What is it about an offering that drives some people to the point of almost displaying "demon-possesion" by the spirit of greed and covetousness?
What brings about such blindness to their "fat" bank account and extreme abundance when the appeal for money for the work of the Lord arises?
What is it that makes people all of a sudden begin to make themselves "poor" in order to justify themselves in not giving to the work of the Lord?
What causes people to take, take, take, and not be willing to give - especially when they have it to give?
What makes people give to deceitful "wolves" and disregard the ones who are truly putting forth the Truth?
Perhaps, we all need to take some time out of our busy schedule to examine our hearts to see where we stand in the sight of a Holy God on this matter.
Does something arise within you when an appeal is given to give to a ministry preaching the Truth? What causes you to give easily to some and balk at giving to others? Are you associating God with such hypocrisy and wickedness of action by saying that He is leading you to act in this manner?
We close with a warning from the Holy Scriptures for all. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says - "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither...covetous...shall inherit the kingdom of God." That means that those who act this way will not make it to heaven. In fact, they will go straight to Hell for all of eternity!  
Know one thing - this type of message will separate the "men" from the "boys." Or should we say the "saints" from the "aints."
Have a GLORIOUS DAY in Jesus,