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One Of God's Judgments 

After reading this message, you will plead with God to keep all pride out of your heart and life. 

"Proud men are cursed men; nobody blesses them, and they soon become a burden to themselves."


"Only humble hearts are obedient, for they alone will yield to rule and government."


"Pride lies at the root of all sin: if men were not arrogant, they would not be disobedient."

- all of the above quotes are from Charles Spurgeon 

Psalm 119:21 says - "Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from Thy commandments." 

There are three points that this verse of Scripture is trying to get across to all of us. They are as follows -  

a. God sets Himself against the proud.

b. Proudful men are regarded and treated by Him as accursed or objects of His approbation.

c. Proudful people wander knowingly or willfully from His law. 

Let's look into this a little bit further.  

Who exactly are the "proud"? How would you define a "proud" man or woman?  

The "proud" are all those who magnify themselves above others......lord it over others...bless themselves...act as if their hearts, tongues, and all are their own...set up their wills in opposition to the will of God...rebel against His Majesty...dread His rebuke and the curse of His law... disregard His law...embrace principles contrary to His commandments...and sinfully turn aside out of the good way.  

You may be surprised by all of the descriptive clauses used to describe the "proud" man. You may have thought that he was simply one who lifted himself above others or lorded it over others. But this verse informs us that he is also anyone who disregards God's law or is walking in disobedience.  

The question to ask yourself is this - Would you be considered as one of these "proud" ones? 

It's a terrible thing to be found within this number. Why?  

The Psalmist tells us outrightly how God feels toward them - "Thou hast rebuked the proud..." He sets Himself against them...deals a terrible portion to them...manifests His displeasure against them...causes their course to be attended with misery...and levels His judgments against them.  

Who in their right mind wants to be at odds with God as mentioned above? Who wants to come under His Divine Displeasure?  

What provokes His wrath against these obstinate and presumptuous rebels?  

The verse explains what they do to reap such consequences - "Thou hast rebuked the proud...which do err from Thy commandments."  

They exasperate God with their rebellion, so He exasperates them with His judgment and wrath. They disregard His Law so He disregards them.  

The result?  

"Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed..." 

Anyone whom God disregards becomes a "curse" or lays under a "curse."  

And why did He throw off, punish, or set Himself against them?  

Because they initially threw off His commands and walked in the pride, stubbornness, and rebellion of their own hearts. 

Oh, Reader! Are you harboring "Pride" in your heart today?  

Oh, you may readily respond that you are not proud or disobeying God in any way. But seek Him and ask Him to examine and prove your heart.  

Pride will bring you under a "curse." You may have even been wondering why things are not going well for you. Could it be that you have wandered from God's command because of the pride of your heart and are now reaping His terrible judgment or "curse"

Has He been dealing with you about a certain thing or act of obedience that He has required of you, and you have not yet responded to His request?  

Your own "pride" is deceiving you. You think that you can ignore His voice and still live in His favor.  

It won't happen.  

You will find - before long - that you are under His "curse" because of your stubbornness and pride.  

"Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from Thy commandments."  

This is God's law. He will not change it for anyone.  

You will find in the end that disobedience is very costly and being prideful is stupid! 

'No, actually, it is insanity personified!

 May God Bless His Word.



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