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God Will Strengthen You & You Will Go Forward 

You may be wondering today - will I make it to the end - facing the fierce attacks of Satan and the fiery trials that come my way almost on a daily basis? God promises in His Word to cause you to prevail...to enable you to overcome all of your enemies - both temporal and spiritual...and to make you more than a conqueror.   

"He is strong and makes strong: blessed are they who draw from His resources, they shall renew their strength."

- Charles Spurgeon 

"The God Whom they acknowledge as their God is not One Whose strength fails, or Who is seen to be feeble and powerless when His aid is needed. He is fully equal to all their needs, and they never trust Him in vain."

- Barnes' Notes 

"...all our sufficiency for our spiritual work and warfare is from the grace of God."

- Matthew Henry  

"...if God is the strength of His people, they need not be afraid of any persons or things."

- John Gill's Exposition Of The Entire Bible 

In Zechariah 10:12, God promises His people - "And I will strengthen them in the LORD; and they shall walk up and down in His name, saith the LORD."

Notice that the Lord did not simply give the command - "walk up and down in My name."  

He said - "And I will strengthen them in the LORD; and they shall walk up and down in His name, saith the LORD."  

That means that the "walk" of the believer begins with Jesus. He is able to walk it through unto the end - because of His strength and power.  

It's so important that you see this principle - as outlined in this verse.  

The Scriptures clearly say that - "the flesh profiteth nothing"(John 6:63) - but the Spirit gives life. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit"(John 3:6). If you are Born Again, you were birthed by the Spirit and it is through His Word and manifested power that you will be able to manage your daily affairs with power and wisdom.    

"And I will strengthen them in the LORD..." - what exactly does this entail?  

God will enable the believer to exercise grace...perform his duties...withstand temptation...oppose sin...bear his cross...endure affliction...engage in battle with his spiritual foes...and win the victory. In other words, He will strengthen him for his walk, work, and warfare. With internal and external strength, the saint will be able to stand his ground against all foes. He may at times feel weak and be encompassed about with infirmity, but he can rise up invincible - knowing that he has this strong and irresistible God for his support.  

"And I will strengthen them in the LORD..." - Why not make it personal - "And I will strengthen you in the LORD..." 

He will put strength in your soul and support and assist you to be able to bear all your burdens...overcome your enemies...perform your duties with excellence...do the will and work of God...and be strong or courageous in His cause. He will impart to you a powerful exertion of His might and  hook you up to that inward source of His strength which is found in His grace.  

Who or what are you presently facing that seems so much bigger than you?  

Just remember that God is the God Who "giveth strength and power unto His people"(Psalm 68:35) as well as the One Who speaks to your spirit and heart such comforting words as - "I will strengthen you"(Isaiah 41:10).  

There is no reason why you cannot make it through that trial or temptation that you are facing at this time. You have no excuse for failure. God is offering you His "strength and power."  

Where most people miss it is in their daily walk. This is where most stumbling or wavering occurs.  

This is what God is saying to you - "And I will strengthen them in the LORD; and they shall walk up and down in His name, saith the LORD." 

What does it mean to "walk up and down in His name"? This is the language of all those who know the Lord...believe in Him...and sincerely serve Him. It means that the child of God walks in the character, unchangeableness, or faithfulness of his God. It entails seeking Him... maintaining a constant and familiar communion with Him in thought, word, and deed...embracing His law and worship...walking in a regular course of holy living...acknowledging Him in all your ways...governing yourself by a continual regard to Him...obeying His commandments... walking in and after the Holy Spirit...and openly professing your relation to Him.  

No one knew this truth more than David. In Psalm 71:16, he proclaimed - "I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD..." In other words, he was saying - "I will go in the mighty deeds of my God - relying on the strength of His providence and grace."  

Remember - God - "...is not One Whose strength fails, or Who is seen to be feeble and powerless when His aid is needed."  

 "...He is fully equal to all your needs..."  

"...you need not be afraid of any persons or things."  

May God Bless His Word.



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