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Preachers Who Make The People Dissatisfied
"Jean Baptiste Massilon, who did honor to his name as a great preacher, was selected to preach at the court of Versailles during the advent of 1699. Louis XIV confessed to him, 'When I listen to other preachers, I am usually very much satisfied with them. When I hear you, I become very much dissatisfied with myself.' '' - Encyclopedia Of Sermon Illustrations
In examining three specific Scriptures very clearly, we see that the Preacher of the Gospel has a given mandate from God to fulfill. The question is - how many are actually carrying out their God-given orders?
Isaiah 58:1 says - "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins."  
"Cry aloud" - With an open throat - a voice coming from the throat and breast - in all earnestness and vehemence, the Preacher is to cry with strength.
"Spare not" - At no time is he to restrain his voice but to let it be full, loud, and strong.
"Lift up thy voice like a trumpet" - The idea of a people being insensible and stupid is implied here. With a loud and distinct sound like a trumpet, he is to sound out the Word of the Lord in order to awaken the people from their spiritual stupor.
"Show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins" - He is commissioned by God to make the hearers aware of their sins, formality, and hypocrisy.
The question we must all ask ourselves is - How many Preachers are obeying God's mandate to them?
How many -
...are unashamedly crying aloud with great passion, earnestness, and vehemence against the sin in the Church?
...are not holding back or restraining their call to repentance?
...with the loud voice of a trumpet are calling sin sin and preaching the truth of God's Word from the pulpits in the land?
2 Timothy 4:2 says - "Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine." 
"Preach the Word" - All Preachers are commissioned by God to proclaim His whole counsel as found in His Holy Word.
"Be instant" - They are to be constant in their duty...standing by at their post...and at hand or ready at all times with a sense of urgency.
"In season, out of season" - They are to seek to embrace every opportunity to make the Gospel known and to spare no pains and labor - whether the times are prosperous or adverse...favorable or unfavorable...convenient or inconvenient...welcome or unwelcome. In spite of hindrances or embarrassments and whether there be an appointment or not, they are to proclaim the doctrines of God's Word to all.
"Reprove" - They are assigned by God to convince the people of their evil ways and the danger of their wicked courses. They are to show the people the ways in which their lives are amiss from the Scriptures.
"Rebuke" - With gravity and authority, they are commissioned by God to rebuke all offenders. They are  called by Him to admonish and reprove cuttingly and severely all those who refuse to abandon their sinful ways.
"Exhort" - They have a mandate from God to comfort, encourage, and persuade His people to withstand all temptation and to endure to the end. They are also commanded by Him to urge, correct, and warn all those who are playing with sin to flee from temptation and lay aside every besetting sin.
"With all longsuffering and doctrine" - They must exhibit an inexhaustible, patient, and persevering spirit in their instruction, teaching, and dealing with the people.
How many Preachers today are unashamedly proclaiming the whole counsel of God?
I once heard a man say that he did not preach the "mean Scriptures" - as found in the Book of Jeremiah or the Prophets. His emphasis was Faith and whatever tickled the people's ears.

How many Preachers have a sense of urgency in their delivery?
How many -
...in the face of all opposition continue to proclaim the Truth of God's Word no matter who likes it?
...take the Gospel beyond the four walls of the Church and make the world their audience and the different places of business and travel their pulpit?
...are convincing the people of sin?
...are cuttingly and severely admonishing all those who refuse to lay down their sinful practices?
Titus 2:15 says - "These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee." 
"These things speak" - The Preacher is called by God to teach the Truths and duties of the Gospel. He is appointed to teach the people how to avoid sin, and how to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this world.
"Exhort" - With great earnestness and much repetition, he is assigned by God to urge, advise, encourage, and warn.
"Rebuke with all authority" - With boldness and faithfulness, he is called by God to demonstrate the grave importance of obedience to Him. He is to reprove all disobedience at every chance. As the Lord's representative - coming in His name - he is to carry out his assignment without doubt or wavering, without ambiguity and compromise, and holding nothing back.
"Let no man despise thee" - He is to carefully examine his conduct and teaching so as to never warrant any shame or reproach - only respect and honor.
How many Preachers are teaching and instructing the people how to live victoriously over sin and temptation?
Many today are propagating a weak and powerless Gospel that gives no one the Power to live holy 24/7. In fact, many are advocating a False Gospel that proclaims that all Christians cannot help but sin a little each day in thought, word, and deed.

How many  -
...are having Seminars on Obedience and the Grave and Serious Dangers of Disobedience?
...are appearing watchful over their general conduct and appearance so as not to bring reproach on the Gospel?
...are holding back the Truth out of Fear of man or Fear of an empty offering plate?
If God were to open an effectual door of opportunity for your Pastor or for you to preach His Word, what would be the general response of the people? Would they say what Louis XIV said of Jean Baptiste Massilon - "When I listen to other preachers, I am usually very much satisfied with them. When I hear you, I become very much dissatisfied with myself."
Where are the Ministers today who are not afraid to obey God's Holy Mandate to them? 
Where are the Servants of the Lord who are unashamedly calling sin sin no matter who likes it? 
Where are the Preachers who are making the people very dissatisfied with themselves?
Is your Pastor or favorite Evangelist one of them? 
What about you?
May God Bless His Word.

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