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It's time to send in your Prayer Requests for tomorrow's Prayer Time. Be sure to send them to - prayerrequests@walkingintruith.org
Also please send in your Praise Reports to - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
It's always so exciting to see how Jesus answers the prayers that are presented before HisThrone of Grace. He is a Faithful God and deserves all of our Praise.  
Below you will find some of the answers to prayer that came in since last Wednesday. Let's rejoice with those who received their Breakthrough.
Hello connie,
  I just want to thank God for using you to reach others. I made a request here
sometimes ago. for my documents and for a husband. God has done it again. my
fiance will visit me next month. God is Good! May God  continue to bless you and
your entire family.

 We asked your ministry to prayer for a number of things in our family over the past
several months--the praise comes from our oldest son, finding a computer job--he was
led to the job by the Lord and is now in training for it. He has need of continued
prayer--we thank you for the prayers offered for him to obtain a job.
Praise the Lord,

 A wonderful prayer request was answered today.  A Co Worker's husband found out

three months ago by way of a car accident that he had a brain tumor.  He was given

18 months to live.  With no insurance it was doubfult if anyone would perform

surgery.  Praise God he had surgery today and it was not cancer and they got all

the tumor.  He will make a full recovery!  Praise God, Thank you Jesus
Once again, send in your requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org
Please do not send them to any other account.
I am giving you the link here on this page to make it easier for you. All you have to do
is click on this address and then write out your request.
Thanks for your co-operation.
 Have a GLORIOUS DAY in Jesus.

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