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God's Not Hiring "Dingoes" For The Job 

"Australia has only one species of carnivore, the dingo. It has all the structural characteristics of a true dog except one. It prowls the plains and open forests, has a den in a rocky cave or a hollow tree. It yelps like a dog or howls like a coyote, but it cannot bark like either of them. It is indeed a "dumb" dog. Today, many of both the clergy and the laity have become "dumb dogs." They have no voice to cry a warning..." - Illustrations >From Nature 

Isaiah 56:10 says  - "His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber."  

In this particular verse, the Prophet Isaiah spoke a cutting denouncement against the prophets, preachers, and teachers who through apathy, indifference, and unfaithfulness were neglecting their duty before God and the people. That duty was to expose sin among God's flock and then, in turn, to warn of the dangers that were impending because of it.

Isaiah called them "blind" because they failed to detect the existence of gross idolatry and wickedness among the people. He also referred to them as being "ignorant."  They could not discern sin in their midst because they themselves were blinded by its power. 

The Prophet then drew a very interesting analogy for us between the "watchmen" and the common "dog." He referred to them as being "dumb dogs" which "cannot bark."  

Everyone knows that a distinguishing feature of the dog is its "bark." But here we have the Prophet making the analogy by calling these spokesmen for God "dumb dogs" which "cannot bark."  

First of all, why would Isaiah compare the Prophets of his day to a "dog"? What is it that a "dog" and a "Prophet" have in common?  

Out of all the animals in God's creation, the "dog" is the one assigned to guard a house or a flock of animals. God gave this particular animal a "bark" to be able to notify others of the approach of danger. Since the Prophet was appointed by Him to vigilantly guard His house (the Church) or flock, the "dog" then became an emblem for any "watchman" chosen by Him.   

However, in this situation, Isaiah is calling these spokesmen - "dumb dogs." Why is that? What is a "dumb dog"?

A "dumb dog" is one that doesn't "bark." It fails to awaken the owner to the emergence of the thief or the shepherd to the approach of the wolf.  

What would cause these "watchmen" to act like "dumb dogs"?  

Isaiah offers this explanation - "...sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber"(Isaiah 56:10).   

Imagine the absolute absurdity for an owner of the house to have to stay awake and watch over his house while the "dog" that he ordered for the job slept all night long!  

No! The "dog" is the one who is to stay awake and alarm the owner at the slightest indication of danger. And how does he do that? By his "bark"! 

Isaiah 62:6 tells us that - as long as danger was threatening - these vigilant "watchmen" were not to cease their "barking""...shall never hold their peace day nor night..." They were to "keep not silence" but be "instant in season" and "out of season"(2 Timothy 4:2) - taking every opportunity to warn sinners and saints alike of the approach of danger or the enemy bent on their destruction.  

Our opening remarks from the Illustrations From Nature spoke of the dingo who "...yelps like a dog or howls like a coyote, but it cannot bark..." Hence, it is referred to as a "dumb dog."  

Imagine having a "dingo" watch over your property or flock by night. Its continuous "yelps" and "howls" would never serve to awaken you to any real looming danger. Only a serious "bark" would do!  

In 1 Corinthians 14:7-10, the Apostle Paul addressed the issue of different things giving a "distinction in the sounds." He mentioned the "...many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification." He spoke of the "uncertain sound..." and the dilemma of speaking "into the air"(to no point) when people do not understand the message that is coming across to them.  

In 1 Corinthians 14:8, he inquired - "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to battle?"  

In light of our discussion here, let's say it this way - "For if the trumpet(Prophet - dog) give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself...?"  

If the "watchman" conducts himself like a "dingo" - a "dumb dog" which "cannot bark" - then who will take his message seriously and "prepare himself"?  

If the owner of the house or the shepherd hears an "uncertain sound" like a "yelp" or a "howl," he will not understand that danger is near. It is only in the "bark" that he reacts accordingly for the safety of his home and flock. 

Nowadays, we have many Preachers as well as Christians who are likened unto the "dingo" which "cannot bark." They are giving forth an "uncertain sound." It is a nice, pleasant, and friendly sound. Resultantly, sinners are not turning from their wicked ways and backsliders are not rousing from their waywardness. They simply do not sense any real danger ahead or seriousness in the message of the "watchmen" of today.  

What is needed are some Christians who know how to "bark" for the Lord! They are not afraid to warn the wicked of their evil ways. They understand the eternal peril in which the ungodly find themselves. Hence, they are determined to "bark" out warnings, no matter what the cost - striving to awaken the "sleeping" sinner and saint alike to their emerging spiritual destruction.  

Theirs is not an "uncertain sound." They do not appear as a "barbarian"(1 Corinthians 14:11) to their audiences. Their message is coming forth loud and clear - "Flee from the wrath to come...Repent or Perish..."(Matthew 3:7; Luke 13:3).  

God is looking for "watchmen" who are not afraid to "bark" out warnings to others. He is not looking for those who want to soft-soap or sugar-coat the message through their "yelps" and "howls." He is looking for those who will get the job done right. 

Do you want God to use you?

Then you must settle it from the start that you will not be a "dumb dog" which "cannot bark."  

God is looking for those who will hear the Word of the Lord and then deliver it to the people. Be forewarned - the message is not always a "nice" one. You will be hated and rejected for it. But you must "bark" it out anyhow - while striving to arouse the people from their spiritual stupor before the enemy devours them spiritually.  

Do you have a "voice to cry a warning"?

Then you have the job.

You're hired! o 

May God Bless His Word.



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