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It's time to prepare for Wednesday's Prayer Time by sending in your prayer requests to - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org And please don't forget to give God all the Praise at - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
This past Saturday, my son John and I went out with several teams to the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas to evangelize. We simply went through the Mall asking people if we could pray for them and that opened the door for the Gospel to be preached one-on-one.
My team - a brother-in-the-Lord and I - had about ten Divine Appointments throughout the morning. Every person that we stopped to talk to was a Divine Set-up of the Holy Spirit. It was a blast! We were so excited and thrilled at what Jesus was doing.
On two separate occasions, we stopped and prayed with two women from the country of Nepal who both happened to be Hindus. They were not related in any way nor knew of each other. They both listened attentively to the Gospel as we preached it and then allowed us to pray for them that Jesus would indeed reveal Himself to them as the only Savior and Lord. We believe that He did, and that we will see them in our church soon.
There was one young man - around thirty years old - that God had me "apprehend" as he was walking through the mall. As he was approaching me, I felt strongly impressed of the Lord to stop him and talk to him about his soul. I started out by asking him if he needed prayer for anything, but then the Lord took over. I began to "read his mail" - so to speak - and tell him things that were going on in his life at the time. He was amazed. Neither of us ever met before, but the Lord revealed so much to me concerning his life. He was a young man - called of God from his Mother's womb - but running from God like Jonah. As I spoke the words of the Lord to him, his eyes filled with tears. He knew that everything that I was saying to him was from God. I warned him of the consequences of running from the Lord and pleaded with him to get things right. He allowed my partner and me to pray for him that the Lord would help him to surrender all. I also cast out the devils in him that had a hold on his will and life. This man will never be the same again. He had a Divine Encounter with Jesus right there in the Mall. Please help me pray for him that he will surrender his life to Jesus and fulfill the call on his life to preach. His name is Tyson.
We also met up with a young Korean man whose name is Peter. The Lord also gave me prophetic words for him - telling him that he was called to preach. He told me that - a week earlier - someone approached him at the Mall and said the exact words that I spoke to him. Isn't that amazing? That's just like Jesus! Please pray for him for surely the Lord is after this young man.
Jesus concluded our time of evangelism with a mighty display of "spiritual fireworks." As we were leaving, I saw a Spanish woman sitting with her three children on one of the benches. I felt drawn to her. So I went up to her and asked if she needed prayer for anything. With a shocked expression on her face, she asked me why I was asking. I explained that we were Christians who were going through the Mall ministering to people - asking if we could pray for them and believe for Miracles in their lives. Then I said to the woman - "Do you have any needs? Is anything troubling you? Perhaps you would like prayer for your marriage or your home situation." At that, she burst out crying and proceeded to tell me that she needed prayer for her marriage. She said that her husband just left her - possibly for another woman. She was left with her three children to raise.
The amazing thing was that the day before she had cried out to God for help - telling Him that He could have her and her kids.
Well, to make a long story short, right there on that bench in the Mall - amidst all the shoppers - this precious woman prayed the Sinner's Prayer with me. My co-worker then prayed the Prayer of Faith for her marriage - believing God to save her husband and restore their marriage.
I just wish that y'all could have seen the smile on this woman's face when we left her there on that bench in the Mall. She was so uplifted. The burdens of her heart were rolled away. Jesus saved her and touched her in a way that no one else could ever touch her. 
What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! It's so exciting serving Him! He is so wonderful! He is magnificent! He is so beautiful!
Needless to say - Jesus also moved mightily through my son John and his team. They had many Divine Appointments and people's lives were powerfully touched by Him.
I would also like to share a Praise Report that came in since last Wednesday's Prayer Time. Let Faith arise in your heart for your Miracle -      
Please join me in praising God for healing my father.  I put in a

request on his behalf 3 weeks ago.  I want to let you know that God

answered your prayers by healing my father of cellutitis. The swollen

legs have gone down. Although there is an open wound, despite the fact

that he is diabetic, the wound is healing tremendously to the wonders of

the Doctors and the Nurses.

I give God the glory because I know that he alone has done this.  And I

thank everyone of you who stood by me in prayers. May the Lord bless and

grant you your heart desires.  Amen
WOW! How about if we all give God a "SHOUT OF PRAISE" for this 
Mighty Miracle! Isn't Jesus good? Look what He did for this precious man!
I am not ashamed to ask y'all to pray and ask the Lord if He would have you support this 
work of Faith and Power. He is obviously moving on all sides. Testimonies come in all 
the time telling of what a blessing the Daily Messages are. People's lives from all over 
the world are being changed by the Power of God's Word. 
Plus Jesus is moving in the jails, on the streets, and during Wednesday's Prayer Time. I 
ask you to please consider sending a financial gift our way to keep us going for the Lord. 
God has used me to pray God's Blessings on your life and home - 
now won't you please be a blessing to me in return? 
I don't have to tell you how we all need money to keep anything going for the Lord. Y'all 
are fully aware of how the gas prices have gone up. We do alot of traveling throughout the 
week to minister - besides the work and labor that goes into preparing each message that 
goes out. I know that I can count on you to be obedient to His call to send in your financial 
gift to keep Walking In Truth Ministry going for Him. 
If you don't give and God wants you to - I am confident that He will raise up 
someone else - but you will miss your blessing. Someone else will get it instead of you. 
That choice is yours. 
Believe me when I say this - people are being blessed of the Lord who support this ministry 
with their financial gifts.  
You can make all checks payable to - Walking In Truth Ministry - at - 
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Or if you choose to send an offering using Paypal, you can send it to the e-mail address

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We are a nonprofit organization.  
Thank You & God Bless.

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