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Why Do You Call On Jesus When You Pray? 
"For there is that in God which is suited to all the exigencies and occasions of His people that trust in Him." - Matthew Henry
If someone were to ask you why you pray to the Lord Jesus, how would you answer that question?
Or, if they were to ask you why they should place their confidence in your God in these troublesome and perilous times, what would you say?
In Psalm 18:3, David boldly stated his resolution to always call upon the Lord. This is what he said - " I will call upon the LORD, Who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies." He purposed to constantly - in all times of trouble...when facing dangerous situations...or just simply for fresh mercies - be found fleeing to the God of the Bible or placing His confidence in Him in prayer.
Jehovah God had proven Himself to be faithful in the past. For past favors, He had proven Himself to be worthy of David's confidence. He was indeed the One and Only Being every way worthy of praise.  
David had enemies. There was no way that he could save himself from their "hands." He needed someone bigger than himself. The "LORD" was the Able One Who always came to his rescue.
Do you have enemies? Are you facing giants? In whose strength are you facing them? Who do you run to when you find yourself in trouble or in danger?
Like David, the Born Again Christian has a refuge in his God. Hence, in every situation in life, do-or-die, he will call upon Him for help.
"I will call upon the LORD..."
If someone were to ask you why, what reason would you give?
In Psalm 18:2, David offered nine reasons why every one should call upon Jesus at all times and in every place. He alone should be their object of implicit and reliable trust. The nine reasons are as follows -  
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "rock." He is my cleft rock to which I run for refuge. He is my place of concealment and security. He is my place in God from the "strife of tongues" and the fury of the storms of trouble. He is my elevated place of safety - my lofty rock - to which I fly in order to escape from my enemies.
"I will call upon the LORD"  because He is my "fortress." He is my stronghold - my place of defense - the place so strong that no enemy can approach it. He is my garrison which is kept by the power of God. He is my place of strength and safety.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "deliverer." Whenever I am surrounded and almost taken by the enemy, He is my way of escape from afflictions, temptations, the hands of all enemies, the body of sin, death itself, or the wrath to come. He steps in for me in the hour of peril. He rescues me from the hands of those who are mightier than me. He causes me to persevere in straits and difficulties.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "God." He alone is my heaven, my all. He is all good things in One. He is my perpetual, unchanging, infinite, and eternal good. He is my Protector, Helper, Friend, Father, and Savior. He Who puts strength in my soul is the strong and mighty One Who alone is able to save.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "strength." He is my firm and unmovable rock. He is my sure, unchanging, eternal confidence and support. He is my refuge or protection.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is the One "in Whom I will to trust." He is the object of my faith. I can trust in Him and confide in Him at all times because He is the eternal and inexhaustible fountain of goodness.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "buckler."  He is my shield or defender Who covers my head and heart from any blows of the enemy. He preserves me from the fiery darts of Satan.
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is the "horn of my salvation." There are certain beasts who derive their strength from their horns. Their horns are their means of attack or defense. Hence, they have become the emblem of power and strength efficiently exercised. Jesus is the One Who pushes, scatters, and destroys my enemies. He is my source of excellency and might from Whence deliverance or salvation comes.  
"I will call upon the LORD" because He is my "high tower." He is my high place which is beyond the reach of danger. He is my safe and inaccessible place of safety.
These were nine reasons why David found strength, safety, security, and salvation in his God...why He considered the Lord to be the One and Only Object of his most implicit and reliable trust and confidence...and why he owed his safety entirely to God.
After reading about these nine characteristics of the Lord God, who wouldn't come away saying of Him - "Who is worthy to be praised" ?
And who would ever have a problem with fear or doubt of coming out victoriously in any situation after placing their total confidence in Him - "so shall I be saved from mine enemies"?
Please don't allow the familiarity of these verses to cause you to quickly overlook the message which the Holy Spirit is trying to convey.
Some Christians "know" the Word inside and out. But when caught in peril or in some sort of trouble, they "cave in" to their circumstances or the storm that is raging around them.
God wants this message to "sink in."
The God of the Bible is everything that you will ever need Him to be. He is not like the false "gods" of the nations.
You need not fear what the devil will bring your way.
Resolve like David that whenever "bad times" come, you will immediately "call upon the LORD." He will come to your rescue.
But even before that, why not determine in your heart that you are never going to stop praising Him for being the God that He is?
He will be there for you whenever you need Him. When the time comes, like David, you, too, "will be saved from your enemies." You can count on that.
He is "so worthy to be praised."
Why don't you let Him know just how worthy He is by offering Him the best "Praise Offering" you can give Him - even right now?
May God Bless His Word.