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The Two-Headed Turtle In My Life
"Love cannot live, neither exist, where there are brawls, contentions, and divisions. And where neither peace nor love is to be found, there God cannot be. And if He be not there, yourselves and the Devil make the whole assembly." - Adam Clarke
"A fisherman in Louisiana found a turtle that had two heads. According to the analysis of a biologist who observed the turtle's action, each head worked independently of the other, controlling its side of the body. This resulted in disunity, confusion, and ineffectiveness. While one head was wanting to sleep, the other might be wanting to eat. The hungry head could not get to the food on the two legs it controlled. The tired head could not sleep while being forced to circle with the two legs that were striving to get food.
Some marriages(or some churches) are like this two-headed turtle..."  - Illustrations From Nature
How about you? Are you experiencing the "two-headed turtle" in one of your relationships? In your marriage? In your home? On the job? In the ministry? In your church?
Every place that you turn - it seems as though all you encounter is disunity, confusion, and ineffectiveness.  Because there are constant brawls, contentions, and divisions, the devil's presence is realized far more than God's.
Allow this illustration from the "two-headed turtle" to jolt you into the stark reality of what is actually happening in your midst.
Two people are trying to -
...be the "head"
...take the lead
...and get their own way.
What is the result? What will always be the result?
Disunity, confusion, and ineffectiveness!
The absence of the God of love and peace and the presence of the devil himself!
Notice that the turtle was not able to accomplish anything as long as there were two heads trying to lead. The same is true for us in our relationships. Nothing good stems from strife, selfishness, and constant bickering - whether it be found in a marriage, home, family, on the job, or in the church. On the contrary, much harm and evil results.
What steps can and must be taken to turn this situation around?
It is imperative that it be turned around for strife always brings reproach and shame to the name and cause of Christ. The world mocks and scorns whenever they see that Christians cannot live in unity and harmony together. God is certainly not pleased nor is He glorified in the least.
As always, the Scriptures have our answer. God has given us certain guidelines to follow - through the help of His enabling grace - that will ensure peace and harmony among us.  
They are as follows -
a) Be Likeminded
Philippians 2:2 says - "...be likeminded..."
This is simply explained as thinking the same thing or being harmonious in sentiment, opinion, objective, and plan - as pertaining to the matters of the kingdom of God, for instance.  
b) Be United In Love
Philippians 2:2 says - "...having the same love..."
Christians should be united in their love for God and His cause. If so, they will have no problem loving one another. 
c) Be Of One Accord
Philippians 2:2 says - "...being of one accord..."
To be "of one accord" is for the souls of two people - their hearts, minds, and emotions - to be so knit together that it is as if one soul is motivating them. It is perfect agreement in laboring for the Master's Glory.
d) Be Of One Mind
Philippians 2:2 says - "...being...of one mind..."
2 Corinthians 13:11 says - "...be of one mind..."
To "be of one mind" is for two people to set their hearts, minds, feelings, and plans on one purpose or goal. Their focus and attention is so intently set on one subject and one subject alone to the point where every thought and action of theirs centers around it. 
To "be of one mind" is also to be of the same opinion and judgment insomuch that dissensions or disputes are an impossibility. 
e) Be Perfect
2 Corinthians 13:11 says - "...Be perfect..."
To "be perfect" is to have unity and harmony restored - like a dislocated body part that is restored to wholeness.  
f) Be Of Good Comfort
2 Corinthians 13:11 says - "be of good comfort..."
To "be of good comfort" is to be willing to receive any words of admonition or correction - to be teachable. The "comfort" and blessed consolation, mentioned here, result from being well-disposed in following godly advice. 
g) Live In Peace
2 Corinthians 13:11 says - "...live in peace..."
Peace is something after which all Christians should strive. They should constantly be on guard to avoid any words or actions that would cause irritation to another. They should always and in every place display a peaceful disposition - avoiding all debate..."know-it-all" attitudes... harsh, angry words...insults...name-calling...and sarcasm which only cause hurt feelings and schisms in their relationships.
What will be the result of following these seven guidelines?
2 Corinthians 13:11 says - "...and the God of love and peace shall be with you."
God is the God of Love. He is the author of Peace. He dwells among His people in the atmosphere of Love and Peace. Wherever there are brawlings, contentions, and divisions, His Spirit is grieved, and His Presence is no where to be found.
Wherever God is not, the devil takes opportunity to set up his camp and manifest his evil presence.
Are you facing strife and contention in a personal relationship?  
Call on the God of Love and Peace for His grace and mercy. He will send forth His Mighty Anointing that will destroy every yoke of bondage and tear down every stronghold which the enemy has built. He will rid your life, marriage, home, family, job, ministry, or church of any and all confusion.
Keep in mind the story of the "two-headed turtle" the next time you feel the urge to act independently in your relationships. Nothing can ever be accomplished when both parties are demanding their own way and will.
And put into practice the seven Scriptural guidelines mentioned in this message.
You will see that your life will be filled with God's Presence rather than the presence of the powers of Darkness.
You will also be blessed with the sweetness of God's Love and Peace wherever you go.
May God Bless His Word.