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This Friday we will be having a time of Prayer. So be sure to send in your Prayer Requests at prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org And, as always, send in your Praise Reports to - answerstoprayer@walkingintruth.org
I have a fantastic Praise Report to share with all of you. Last night, I ministered at the Tarrant County Jail and 5 young women gave their hearts to Jesus! Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? I am walking on a cloud today. It was so thrilling to watch God touch each of those precious girls.
When I first arrived in my usual pod, I simply went around inviting the women to come to my table for prayer. I felt led of the Lord to lay aside the Bible Study and simply spend time ministering to the women. I felt as though the Lord put it on my heart to give whoever an opportunity to pour out their hearts and share their deepest need, hurt, or concern. I was there to listen...be a shoulder to cry on...and then pray and believe for Miracles.
Five young ladies readily accepted my invitation. It was awesome to see how the Holy Ghost gave me words for each one of them. He had me bring up things - unbeknownst to me - that they had just discussed that day among themselves.
He was giving me the keys for their deliverance. Just to give you an example, one of the girls confessed to me that she likes to take drugs - just for the fun of it. But since drugs is why she was in jail and headed for prison time, she would like to stop. The Lord told me to tell her and the others that one of the first things that they needed to do was to stop talking about and reminiscing about getting high. This kind of activity only fed the desire. She and the others immediately admitted that that is what they do all of the time.
Of course, we all know that no one can stop sinning without being saved and totally transformed by God's amazing grace.
So, before I ever took their personal needs before the Lord, I gave all five of them the opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of their life. I strongly urged them not to play games with God and just say a prayer. They were to mean every word of it. To my joy - they all agreed to surrender all to Jesus! 
What a beautiful sight it was to see the tears rolling down their cheeks as I spoke to them the words that the Holy Ghost gave at the moment. Big tears would fill their eyes or roll down their cheeks as Jesus was touching their hearts and convicting them of their wrongdoing.
I warned them of sin - especially of fornication (many of them had boyfriends waiting for them out in the free world) and lesbianism. My particular pod where I minister has had a real problem with lesbianism in the past. As soon as I mentioned this particular sin, one young girl (whose name happens to be Connie) immediately starting preaching to the others that no matter what - Jesus will forgive any sin. The conviction of the Holy Ghost was all over her. I immediately qualified that Jesus will forgive any and all sins that are repented of. That means any and all sins that the person quits doing and has no more intention of ever committing again.
For a moment, I was having a battle in the spirit with this young lady. The devil was using her to contradict the truth that I was preaching. But, I stood boldly for the truth and kept hammering away at the lie that says that Jesus will forgive any sin. Her intention was to justify the sin of lesbianism. 
Yes, Jesus does forgive sins - sins that are repented of. God is no fool! He knows when people are playing games and have no intention of changing their sinful ways. He knows when people pray simply because they are trying to get freed from a guilty conscience and not because their sin is a gross offense against a Holy God!   
Well, the good news is that the truth prevailed over the lie and that same girl - Connie - joined the others in the end in asking the Lord Jesus to save them from all of their sins. 
The names of the five women who got saved last night are - Ryan, Connie, Elizabeth, Kami, and Tanya. They were so mightily touched by God. It was wonderful to behold! 
Please pray with me for them. Let's all agree that when they are released, they will never ever be incarcerated again - because they are living godly lives - being all that Jesus intended for them to be. 
Don't forget to send in your prayer requests at - prayerrequests@walkingintruth.org 
I am asking all of you on Friday to specifically lift this ministry - Walking In Truth Ministry - up before the Lord. I need His guidance and direction on how to reach more and more people for His kingdom. I am also asking the Lord for more of His power and anointing to be expressed through the messages and the outreaches. I know that I can count on you to help me pray. 
Also, please pray about helping us with a financial gift. We appreciate all of the gifts that have come in thus far. May God bless each and every one of you that have helped to lift the heavy financial burden from my shoulders.
However, there are so many needs and there are so many of you out there that God has blessed abundantly. Many of you can afford to give something to help keep this ministry going Online...in the jails...on the streets...or going door to door. Please pray about what the Lord would have you to give.
You can make your check out to - Walking In Truth Ministry - at -
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Or, if you prefer to use Paypal, you can send it to this account -
Let's believe for great things to happen on Friday as a result of our time of prayer together.
Let's believe for a Mighty Rain of the Holy Ghost to be poured out upon all of our households this Friday. Won't that be wonderful?
Lord, Let it rain...let it rain...open the windows of heaven...Let it rain...
I pray that each and every one of you will have an encounter with Jesus over the next few days. May your life never be the same again.