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The other day I received an interesting e-mail from a ministry online. It included a copy of an e-mail from a Pastor in Berlin/Germany. He sent a list of the 12 things that Satanists are regularly praying for. I felt impressed of the Lord to send this to y'all so that we could take what they pray for and reverse the curse - so to speak. 

Read what they are praying for and then please take the time to cancel their prayers and speak blessings on what they have selected for their curses. Let's keep a copy of this list on hand so that we can zealously cancel their assignments through our effectual, fervent prayers.

12 things satanists pray against us daily We should be this zealous...

1. That the Antichrist will come before the church is ready.

2. That ministries, leaders, and missionaries will fall.

3. That ministries & works of the Lord will be destroyed.

4. That Christians become complacent, want peace above all, seek churches that do not preach the full gospel & pastors who will seek peace at all costs.

5. That Christians stop fasting and praying.

6. That Gifts of the Spirit shall be ignored.

7. That families & marriages break up.

8. That pastors, ministers, & leaders of The Body fall into dispute and turn on each other.

9. No unity of pastors & churches within cities.

10. That pastors & leaders fall into illness & disability so they can no longer carry on.

11. That the next generation will be murdered and not come into their generational destiny.

12. That the church will not loose & equip people to come into their destiny.
They are speaking divisiveness and false unity (interfaith movement).
Seeking to destroy faith.

This morning, as I was meditating on the Word, I felt impressed of the Lord to share a Scripture with you along with a short message of hope. In Matthew 9:18, we read - "While He spake these things unto them, behold, there came a certain ruler, and worshipped Him, saying, My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay Thy hand upon her, and she shall live." First of all, please give attention to the fact that this ruler by bringing his impossibility to Jesus was said to have worshipped Him in doing so. We have a certain concept of worship as including singing or lifting up our hands to the Lord. Although that is a part of it, it also includes taking our cares to Him and leaving them with Him. That is worship as well. We are said to worship Him when we bring our impossibilities to Him. By doing so, we are saying - "You are the Lord! You and You alone are the Lord God!" Since God is the only One Who can perform the impossible, then by coming to Jesus, we are declaring with our hearts and actions that He is indeed the Lord God - the One Who has the answer to every problem and dilemma.
This ruler's daughter was "dead." At this point, most people would have given up all hope. They would have resigned themselves to the fact that their situation is a "closed door," a "done deal," or an irreversible matter.
Yet, it says in this verse, that the ruler came to Jesus saying, "My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay Thy hand upon her, and she shall live." This man definitely had a revelation from the Father concerning Jesus. Father God opened his eyes to see more than a physical Jesus standing in front of him. He saw Jesus as being God incarnate. He saw the "fullness of the Godhead bodily" in his midst. He saw the Creator of the universe before him as well as the "brightness of God's glory" and the "express image of His person." He knew that Jesus was the Lifegiver - just one touch from His hand would dispel all death.
How do you view Jesus today? Do you see Him as this ruler did so long ago?
Do you realize that Hebrews 13:8 says - "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever." That means that if you and I will take that situation in our lives that is dead or seemingly hopeless to Jesus (as the ruler did), He will lay His hand upon it and raise it back to life. That God-given dream or vision that is seemingly dead can be raised back to life - so much so that it abounds with the supernatural life of God and everyone around us recognizes it as a walking miracle.
Why not take your "dead" situation to Jesus today? Give Him the "worship" due His name. Ask Him and Him alone to handle the impossible. No man deserves that glory. Look to Jesus alone. Get your focus off of man or any other outside source of help and place it totally on Him. Give Him the glory due His name by bringing your impossibility to Him. Ask Him to lay His hand on it. By doing so, you are acknowledging Him to be the Lord God - the Creator of heaven and earth. When He smells the sweet aroma of worship emanating from your heart, He will respond with the miraculous! You can count on it!
This ruler's daughter was dead, but she came back to life. And all because of Jesus!
What is dead in your life can come back to life as well. Jesus can and will do it for you. Just be sure to give Him the glory due His name by acknowledging Him in the midst of your sorrow and pain. Let Him know that you know that He alone is the answer to your predicament! Stay focused on Him as the "author and finisher of your faith." You will see - things will change! You will see!
This morning, I also came across a quote by Richard Sibbes which says - "Godly friends are like walking sermons." Isn't that good? Do your peers consider you to be a "godly friend"  who is a "walking sermon"? Do they get edified, strengthened, and encouraged when in your midst? Is your conversation filled with the Word of God?
This is what we at Walking In Truth Ministry seek to be. We seek to be a "godly friend" to each and every one of you. And the way we do that is by being a "walking sermon" to you each day. We walk into your Inbox on a daily basis bringing a "word in season" from the Lord Jesus. So many write and let us know how the messages are blessing them immensely. To that we are so grateful to the Lord. We encourage you to read and study these messages over and over again to receive their full impact. Much time goes into their preparation. Please don't allow all of the Internet busyness to rob you of reading and studying each one for your edification and spiritual growth. Your time can be easily wasted on sheer nothingness. Hours can go by while on the Internet - reading fluffy - sometimes nonsensical matter. Then when you are done for the day, your spirit is starving because you did not give it any "meat" - only sugary sweets (and sometimes even deadly error).

We are asking all of you to pray about becoming a partner with us in this ministry. This ministry is going strong because of a few partners who faithfully send their financial support each and every month or bi-weekly. You are benefiting greatly from this ministry because someone is sacrificing for you. Please don't take this blessing for granted. It's so easy to read a message in three minutes which took 18 hours in preparation and cost someone a financial offering to keep it going.
We need your help to keep going and to expand our borders for the Lord. Please pray about sending a generous gift our way to keep the Truth pouring out across this Internet. If you have had a computer for very long, you know that there is much error that comes across the web in the name of Christianity. Not every Bible message is from the Lord. In fact, most are not!
Believe it or not - the way this ministry was birthed was after spending countless hours a day searching for Bible Studies across the web. I would stay up late into the early morning hours searching and searching for the "meat" of the Word. I was so hungry for the Truth of God's Word. Sad but true - I found so much error and total nonsense in the name of Bible Studies. That is when the Lord spoke to me and called me to - "teach My people the Word over the Internet."  That was 6 years ago when the call came, and I have been doing so ever since.
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"May the Lord bless and keep you...may He make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you...may He lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace" (Numbers 6:24-26).
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