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Jesus Promises Rest For Your Soul 
"Lord, Thou madest me for Thyself, and we can find no rest till we find rest in Thee!" - Augustine
"Rest begins in personal contact with Christ." - Pulpit Commentary - New Testament
"Rest is the most desirable good, the most suitable good, and to you the greatest good." - Biblical Illustrator - New Testament 
"We can never work so well as with a restful mind."
- Pulpit Commentary - New Testament
"The rest of Christ is twofold - given and found. It is given in pardon and reconciliation. It is found under the yoke and the burden, in the development of the Christian experience as more and more the 'strain passes over' from self to Christ."
- Vincent's Word Studies
In Matthew 11:28-29, the Lord Jesus promised us rest when He said - "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."
"...ye shall find rest unto your souls."
Isn't this what everyone is really craving for today in the noisy world in which we live? A noisy world produces people who are beaten down and burdened with noisy souls. The cares of this life, pain and sickness, and the consciousness of sin bring about heavy ladenness. Wounded affections, disappointment of desires, a vacancy of mind, a sense of monotony, and the load of a guilty conscience all work together to bring forth an overwhelming weariness and fatigue of the soul. The load in life that must be carried becomes more and more oppressive.    
Mankind wants rest for his weary soul. Some are looking for it in titles, riches, pleasures, and extremes of ambition and wealth. The result? They are anxious, heartbroken, and despondent. Their minds are constantly disturbed with bewildering doubts.
Who can turn the storms that rage within the soul into an everlasting calm?
What is the solution? A nation filled with people who are addicted to psychiatric drugs?
We all know that noise is produced by sound waves. The same is true for the noise which disturbs our souls. It comes in "waves" called thoughts. The soul cannot find "rest" because it is bombarded all day long with one thought after another. There is a constant stream of thoughts - thoughts of anxiety and fear...worry and uncertainty...discouragement and despair...anger and frustration... bitterness and hatred...guilt and shame...lust and greed...and pride. At times, this "noise" in the soul appears very deafening.
Resultantly, many do not see alot of answers to prayer. They are distracted from God and feel at a distance from Him. They experience a troubled heart that knows no peace. Physically, their bodies become afflicted with stress-related illnesses. They cannot sleep, eat, or do well in their everyday duties. And it is caused by the noise in their souls. The body cannot rest because the soul is not at rest.
Noise, noise, noise! Who can stop the constant noise or thoughts in the soul?
The Lord Jesus gave the solution in Matthew 11:28 when He said - "Come unto Me..." To the toiling and the burdened, He calls. He calls all to believe and trust in Him and Him only. He alone can speak "Peace" to the storm that is raging within. He alone can stop all the "noise." He alone can refresh, ease, rejuvenate, relieve, and bring rest to the soul.
However, it is also important to note that once you come to Him, you must take on His yoke. What that simply means is that you must submit to Him as your Ruler. His yoke is obedience. Obedience always brings the blessing. In this case, it will bring blessed rest for your soul.
Read what some have said concerning this "yoke" -

"The yoke is the service Christ gives us to do, and therefore implies more than His teaching."
- Pulpit Commentary - New Testament

"The yoke of Christ is useful, good, and kindly."
- Robertson's Word Pictures

"To call those who are weary and heavy laden, to take a yoke upon them, looks like adding affliction to the afflicted; but the pertinency of it, lies in the word My: You are under a yoke which makes you weary: shake that off and try Mine, which will make you easy."
"To take Christ's yoke upon us is to put ourselves into the relation to servants and subjects to Him, and then to conduct ourselves accordingly, in a conscientious obedience to all His commands, and a cheerful submission to all His disposals: it is to obey the gospel of Christ, to yield ourselves to the Lord..."
-  both of the above quotes are from Matthew Henry
Are you experiencing "noise" or a constant flow of disturbing thoughts in your soul at this time? Perhaps you need to check and see if you are still "yoked" with Jesus. Are you believing and trusting in Him for everything and in all situations? Are you obeying His commands?
Remember - if you will simply "come" to Him with all of your problems and follow His instructions, you will find "rest." The "noise" or disturbing thoughts will come to an abrupt halt.
Jesus has "still waters" (Psalm 23:2) for you today. Wear His yoke and allow Him to lead you into His place of rest - a place of peace and quiet for your mind and emotions.
"We can never work so well as with a restful mind."
"Rest is the most desirable good, the most suitable good, and to you the greatest good." 
Seek your "rest" in Jesus. He will not fail you.
May God Bless His Word.

COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano - All Rights Reserved