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I am going to have to pull away from the computer because at this time my family and I are facing a very urgent financial need, and we simply do not have the funds for it. It is due this Monday, February 25. I have no other choice than to stop everything and spend much time in prayer.
Unfortunately, the funds for Walking In Truth Ministry for the month of February have been down considerably, and we have suffered immensely as a result.
I am asking all of you first of all for your prayers. Secondly, I am asking that you would please pray about giving to this need. We are confident that Jesus will hear our prayers and bring forth the answer. He always does. And you just might be the vessel that He wants to use.
I was not planning on sending this note, but as I was in prayer this morning, I felt led of the Holy Spirit to present the need to all of you.
In the meantime, I will be away from the computer spending time in the Presence of the Lord - making my petition known before His Throne of Grace.
I also ask that you would remember me at this time for I am fighting the sickness that seems to be going around at this time - cold, fever, fatigue, etc. I am standing in faith for my healing and believing God for a speedy recovery.
I wanted to make one correction to my last personal note that I sent out to y'all. I mentioned that I have a supporter who sends  financial support bi-weekly to this ministry. Actually, that was a misprint. It should have been bi-monthly.
I pray that you are being blessed by the messages that are being sent out through this ministry. If you would like, you can visit my website at www.walkingintruth.org and review some of the past messages. We simply cannot get enough of God's Word in our hearts and minds. Let's study His Word, and through our thorough study, show Him that it is the greatest treasure of our hearts. I know that will please Him so.
My prayer is that each message that goes forth from this ministry will help to mold you and empower you to be all that Jesus ordained for you to be. May your life impact this generation in a supernatural way.
If you would like, you can send cash or make your check out to - Walking In Truth Ministry - and mail it to the following address -
Walking In Truth Ministry
P.O. Box 383016
Duncanville, TX. 75138-3016
Or, if you prefer to use Paypal, you can send your financial gift to - connie@walkingintruth.org
We are a nonprofit organization with a tax exemption status.
Thank you ahead of time for your gracious gifts.
"May the Lord bless and keep you...may He make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you...may He lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace" (Numbers 6:24-26).
Have a GLORIOUS DAY in Jesus.
COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano - All Rights Reserved