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As you may have noticed, the format of my messages is a bit different. The reason being is that I am still using my son's computer. He has been so gracious to allow me to use it while mine is in the shop.

In writing and sending out my messages, it has been taking more time since I am not used to a different system. However, God has been giving me grace to do what I can until I get my computer back.

My husband Carl spoke to our technician this morning, and he assured us that he would have our computer ready by Wednesday. Prayerfully, everything will go well, and things will be up and running again before the end of this upcoming week.  

As I was waiting on the Lord for the New Year, I felt as though He dropped some words into my heart for those on my mailing list.

First of all, I felt as though He said the words - "Fear not!" In this year, He wants to deliver His people from all their fears. Fear is a spirit that fights our progress in God. The Lord Jesus, in this year, will bring this spirit under your feet - that is, as you co-operate with Him with your obedience.

This is the year for Holy Ghost Boldness. God is going to bring boldness into your life that will you cause you to be a great witness for Him in all places and at all times. The fear of man will be replaced by the Fear of God. You will be amazed at the power which will cause you to stand - even before your enemies - and proclaim the word of the Lord.  

The power that is demonstrated in your life will be in direct proportion to the purity of your life. The holier your walk, the more power there will be felt in your prayers, praise, and witness for the Lord.

Daily stand against all confusion. Refuse confusion and distractions from the devil. He will seek to get you out of the will of God or onto a path that God never intended for your life. Especially take heed when making decisions. Wait on the Lord and be sure that you have His mind before stepping out. Never forget - the devil is a Master Deceiver and a counterfeiter. More than anything else, he wants you out of the will of God. Do not follow what man says - only what God says for your life. Be sure to stay in His Word in order to have the light shining on each step that you take.

Determine to have a Bible Revival in your life this year. Make every effort to put God's Word first. Never go one day without reading, studying, meditating on, or memorizing His Word.

Resolve in your heart to make this the year that you go to higher heights in your knowledge of God. Determine to know Him more than any other human being that has ever lived on this earth.

Be especially careful in your relationships. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Just be aware of this fact - not every one who goes to church is a Christian or has your best interest in mind.

Expect the unexpected. Live in the supernatural. Get out of the "Boat" - your comfort zone - and walk on the water. Believe God for enlargement and abundance.

Seek to be a blessing to others. Daily renounce self and its desires and wants. If God blesses you financially, be sure to ask Him how you can be a blessing unto others. Do not harden your heart in greed.

No matter what happens - keep your focus on Jesus. He is your strength. He will see you through every trial and storm.

Allow the Holy Spirit to give you a mind cleanse. As you study His Word, He will change your way of thinking and make you brand new. He will tear down the old and replace it with the new.

Every day - wake up with the words in your heart and on your lips - THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Allow the Holy Spirit to take you higher in your praises to Jesus. Don't forget - where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Don't worry what others will say about you if you get happy in Jesus or beside yourself. Just be sure to give Him all the praise.

And lastly, evangelize...evangelize...evangelize. Tell people about Jesus. Witness everywhere. Be a yielded vessel for the power of God to flow through unto others.


Thank you for allowing me the privilege to come into your homes every week via the Internet and minister the Word of God. It has been such a blessing to me and a life-changing experience.

2008 is the year that Walking in Truth Ministry is expecting the unexpected. This is the year of the supernatural. Miracles and open doors will abound.

May y'all have a BLESSED NEW YEAR in Jesus!