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Why Does God Hate What He Does?

This message is meant to provoke you to think about the ways of God. The Scriptures clearly state that there are some things which are an "abomination" in His sight. This means that they are the objects of His abhorrence. They are utterly detestable to Him. And because they are, they should be to all those who call themselves by His name. The question is - since you call yourself by His name, are they detestable in your sight?

In Amos 5:21, we find God speaking. Oh, how powerful are His words! He starts out His statement with two words. They are - "I hate..."

Now, let's quote Amos 5:21 once again in case you weren't paying attention the first time. In this particular verse of Scripture, God starts off by saying - "I hate..."

"I hate..."

There are some people right now who are feeling shaken over this. They want to say that the Bible doesn't say this, but they can't deny reality. It does say it. God is the One Who is speaking at the moment, and these are His words.

Some are totally in a tizzy over this - wondering how a God of love can be a God of hate at the same time. It just doesn't seem right that He Who is Love Himself - Whose nature is very Love - Who is the fountain from whence Love flows - should have it in His nature to hate at the same time.

This becomes very clear when you study what He hates and why. 

In this message, we will examine the Scriptures to see what they define as an "abomination" in His sight. This is not an exhaustive study. However, it will get the point across and alarm you to stay clear of those things for which He has an abhorrence. May it also spark your interest and stir you to further search out the Scriptures for answers.

God hates when people swerve from the right way to go in a crooked false way. These are the backsliders whose lives are a perverse contradiction to His will - the ones who act contrary to His nature or Word. In Proverbs 3:32, they are called the "froward" - simply because they have chosen to walk from-ward Him. 

A question to ask yourself is this - why does God find these people loathsome in His sight? Could a possible answer be that at one time they were walking with Him and are now following the ways of Satan? What do people like this do to the name and character of Christ Jesus? Are you one of them?

The Bible clearly states that God hates lying or deceptiveness. Proverbs 11:20 says - "They that are of a forward heart are abomination to the LORD..." These are the crookedly dishonest of heart who have perverse dispositions and walk contrary to the law of God. They make a lie and speak a lie. They say one thing and mean another. They are hypocrites and double-hearted men. Proverbs 6:17 tells us that God considers "a lying tongue" to be an "abomination." This is the tongue that knowingly and willingly speaks falsehood - seeking to hurt the character of a neighbor or flatter a friend. In Proverbs 6:19, we find that God hates  "a false witness that speaks lies..." This is the person who raises lies and then spreads them abroad. Lastly, Proverbs 11:1 informs us that He also hates "a false balance." This represents all fraudulent practices in commerce or false dealings with another person.

Think for a minute about what is being said here. Have you ever given it much thought as to why God would hate lying, trickery, deceit, or dishonesty so much? Could one reason be because they reflect Satan's image who happens to be the "father of lies"(John 8:44)? If that is so, then why are so many children of God deceitful and not honest in their dealings with one another?   

God definitely hates "pride." Proverbs 6:17 portrays it in this way - "a proud look." This sin represents having a high opinion of one's own worth and merit...having haughty eyes...looking upon others with disdain...as well as overvaluing self and undervaluing others.

Pride is the sin which caused Lucifer's downfall. Could this be the reason why God is so repulsed by the proud and resists them on every turn - because they resemble Satan in his rebellion?  

God hates "the sacrifice of the wicked"(Proverbs 15:8; Proverbs 21:27) or what is termed - "dead works." Why? One reason is because it is offered to God without faith in Christ or any sense of sin, repentance for it, or reform from it. He hates it because it is offered to silence the mouth of conscience and to keep up one's reputation in the world. He also hates it because it is man's substitute for holiness. 

God hates when mankind excuses wickedness and argues against virtue and piety. He hates it when the guilty are cleared, and the innocent are condemned. He hates it when He sees judges, juries, witnesses, prosecutors, and counsel pleading for sin and sinners against the righteous. Proverbs 17:15 calls it an "abomination" - "He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD."

Does it bother you when you see the guilty acquitted and the innocent condemned? Why? How do you suppose the Almighty - Who is the Just God - feels when He sees such activity going on in the name of - "Justice"?

Proverbs 15:26 tells us that - "The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD..." These are the "thoughts" that stem from a bad disposition and aim at mischief. This goes along with Proverbs 6:18 which says that "an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations" is also an "abomination" in the sight of God. This includes evil thoughts and designs against God and man. They lead to "feet that be swift in running to mischief"  (Proverbs 6:18) which is also detestable in God's sight. They depict the vigor and diligence in the prosecution of sin. They represent hasting to evil - committing sin with a certain greediness. If not stopped, this leads to "murder" which is also classified as something God detests  - "hands that shed innocent blood"(Proverbs 6:17).   

It's not hard to see why God would hate the contrivance or craft of sin - why He would hate "murder" for the Bible calls Satan a "murderer from the beginning"(John 8:44).

Lastly, the Scriptures surely indicate that "sowing discord among the brethren"(Proverbs 6:19) is the non plus ultra of things that are hated by God. Among the "seven evils" listed in Proverbs 6, this is listed last. Many commentators believe it to be the most prominent of all. It constitutes making mischief between relations and neighbors and alienating affections one from another. It includes talebearing, slandering, carrying ill-natured stories, surmising, and suggesting evil.

Why would God hate "sowing discord among the brethren" so much? Could it be because it works against His very nature of being the "Prince of Peace"? "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace..."(1 Corinthians 14:33). Anything contrary to this is Satan once again.

There are certain things which God loves, and there are certain things which He hates.
It is one thing to know what He hates and another to know why He hates it.

And then again, have you considered this thought - that you might be doing things which He despises and yet calling yourself His follower?

May this study bring us all to a closer walk with Him as we see what to avoid and understand the importance in doing so.

May God Bless His Word.

2008 Copyright - Connie