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Don't you just love when you write a message and then the computer locks up and you lose everything? That is what happened to the first message that I had prepared for you this morning. My time is so limited the way it is - and then to have such a thing happen like this - just makes me realize that I need more and more grace each new day to face the frustrations of life. How about you?

That reminds me of what I told the women in the Tarrant County Correctional Institute the other night. I instructed them to pray for two things every morning - Grace and Peace. It is no wonder that the Apostle Peter prayed for all believers with these words - "...Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied" (1 Peter 1:2). Just think about these words for a minute. These two gifts from God cover every trial and problem that we will ever face for the day. They shield us against any frustrations, disappointments, losses, failures, rejections, or setbacks that we may encounter. And they also keep us humble when we encounter successes, achievements, or the flatteries of men. Nothing can really bother us when we are clothed in God's grace and peace. Nothing can shake our world.

Did you pray for God's grace and peace this morning?

Why not do it today and then make a practice of starting each new day with the petition for God's grace and peace to cover your soul, heart, and life?

First of all, I would like to apologize for the empty boxes that have been appearing over my recent messages. Since getting my computer back from the shop, I have been using an upgraded version of Juno that doesn't allow for templates or pictures in the e-mail - except via an attachment. I didn't know that. They were showing on my computer so I assumed they were on yours as well. But, as one wise person once said - "Don't assume anything." :0)

Right now, my webhost is trying to find a solution to this problem. He has come up with several ideas, and we think that he has found an answer. So, please bear with us as we try to iron out all the glitches.

I also wanted to bring to your attention that someone on my mailing list informed me that one of my messages ended up in the Junk Mail folder. She just happened to catch it before deleting it. This could be the reason why some of you had written saying that you weren't receiving my messages. If that is the case, you need to adjust the settings on your computer so that you can receive mail from - Godistruth@juno.com. You should have that setting somewhere on your screen under the topic - E-mail features. Or for those of you who have spam filters, be sure to check and see that you are not rejecting my messages as Spam.

Just a quick Praise Report - Last week at the jail, I was so blessed to pray with four women to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Hallelujah! Wow! It is so exciting watching Jesus transform lives! 

This past Tuesday, I was blessed again to pray for four women to be totally delivered from drugs. One girl remarked afterwards that she felt a heat all around her. I explained that that was the fire of God setting her free and cleaning her out. This young woman got saved last week and is totally changed. Last week, she had a darkness in her eyes and over her countenance. This week, she was glowing. Since she was thirteen up until now at the age of twenty-six, she had abused her body with heroin. A couple of weeks ago, she had to have open heart surgery. The drugs almost destroyed her heart completely. However, Jesus has a plan for her life and has given her a second chance. She is now on the path of life - desiring to live for Him. Isn't that awesome? No one is too far gone for His "bare arm" of power to reach!

Well, I have to run! I have to get back to my studying.

May the Lord shower you this day with His grace and peace.

Have a GLORIOUS DAY in Him,