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Wait Until You Hear What Jesus Did On Tuesday Night!

This past Tuesday night, I went to the Tarrant County Jail to minister. While there, something happened that was so thrilling! There was one particular inmate that joined my table for the Bible Study. After a few minutes into the study, I stopped everything and asked all of the women if they were saved. They all assured me that they were right with God - that is, except for this one young woman. She explained that she had been having a hard time reading the Bible and, resultantly, had been getting so frustrated with it. She would attempt to read the words on the page, but failed to understand them. She would get so angry, throw the Bible aside, and then go to her room and sleep the day away. She said that she had read one verse over the past four days and did not understand one thing. Also, she said that she didn't understand a word that I was saying in my teaching. 

At this point, I called all at my table to prayer. I began to bind, rebuke, and cast out the devils that were binding this young woman's mind and blocking her understanding. After the prayer, I told her to receive her breakthrough by faith and believe that God heard and answered.

I proceeded with the study material. I read the next few verses out loud. When I came to the first question, lo and behold, this young woman blurted out the answer before any one else had a chance to say anything. In my utter amazement, I looked at her and said, "Look at you! You are answering the question before anyone can get a chance to think about it!" She realized what had just happened and began to laugh and laugh. She laughed so hard that the guard had to tell us to keep the volume down.

Whatever was binding her mind or blocking her understanding was removed. For the rest of the lesson, she not only understood the teaching but was answering the questions along with the others and enjoying every minute of it.

Isn't that awesome? There is POWER in the Name of Jesus! At His Name, strongholds of the enemy do come down!

Right now, I feel to pray for all those reading this message who may be experiencing a mental block at this time in their walk with the Lord.

"Satan, in the Name of Jesus, I command you to loose the minds of these readers. I bind, rebuke, and cast out all oppression of the enemy. I decree that every yoke of bondage over their minds is broken right now by the Blood of Jesus. I speak liberty and freedom to their minds. They will understand and remember all that they read. The Word will take root and bring forth fruit in their lives for Jesus' Name sake and for God's glory. Amen & Amen.."   
Now listen to this! While I was ministering in the jail, Carl, my husband, was having an exciting time outside the jail in downtown Fort Worth in a certain parking lot. He no sooner parked near the Barnes & Nobles' Bookstore, when a man came up to his car on the driver's side and asked - "Can I talk to you?" He then said - "Sure hope someone can help me."
Carl got out of the car to talk to him. This man proceeded to say - "My name is Terry. I hope someone can help me. I'm a Hurricane Katrina victim. I am from New Orleans. I have four kids, and I can't take care of them. I have tried to work, but it doesn't work out."
At this point, Carl could smell alcohol on his breath.
Let me interject something at this point. Carl, John (my 26 year old son), and myself have preached on the streets of Dallas for many years. Believe me when I say this - we know a con when we see one. We learned very quickly that not everyone who cries out for help needs it. There are many cons trying to panhandle money.
Carl said to Terry - "Let me ask you a question, Terry. Have you been drinking?" Carl asked this because he could smell alcohol on his breath.
Before Terry could answer, Carl said to him - "You don't need money, Terry, you need JESUS!"
When Carl spoke the NAME OF JESUS, it was as if someone hit Terry. He reacted by extending his arm up in front of his eyes as if to block a blazing light. He began to tremble from head to toe and mumble under his breath. He could no longer look at Carl but kept his arm up in front of his eyes as if a spot light was in his eyes.
Carl said again - "You need JESUS, Terry! You need to repent!"
Terry was desperately trying to get away from Carl at this point. He was obviously demon-possessed . He was trembling, murmuring, and blocking his face and eyes from the LIGHT!  
Terry kept backing away down the street.
Carl preached to him for an entire city block. He kept telling him to - "Repent" - for Jesus could save him and set him free.
What was utterly amazing was that every time that Carl said the NAME OF JESUS, Terry would back away, cover his eyes with his arm as if to block a blazing, blinding light, and wave his other hand as if to say - "Get away from me!"
At this point in time, we are praying for Terry that he will be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Blessed Holy Ghost.   
However, we wanted to share this story with you to once again relate the AWESOME POWER IN JESUS' NAME. The devils tremble at that Name. They most certainly know who Jesus the Christ is! Even when man doesn't recognize Him, they surely do!
We encourage you to speak the Name of Jesus.
Call on His Name and He will come to you. Shout out His Name and He will run to you. Speak His Name wherever you go. And demonstrate unto others the Mighty Power that is in that Name!
COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano - All Rights Reserved